Jun 152013

I’ve had a few requests to compare Chanel Mysterious nail polish (reviewed here) with Chanel Vertigo.  As you can see, they are quite close.  Mysterious has a touch more olive/yellow in the mix and is a whisper lighter in tone.

Mysterious and Alchimie comparison swatches3

I’ve also had requests to swatch Chanel Alchimie (reviewed here) against Chanel Peridot and Diwali. I’ve thrown Chanel Graphite into the mix as well. As you can see, the color and texture of these is quite different.

Mysterious and Alchimie comparison swatches1

All shades together:

Chanel Fall nail comparisons2

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  2 Responses to “Quick Nail Comparisons: Chanel Mysterious and Alchimie”

  1. Thanks for the additional comparison swatches. I definitely need both Mysterious and Alchimie.

  2. I don’t feel a thing for these shades. But I always love the finish and quality of Chanel nail paints.

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