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Omovoricza Complexion Corrector ($155/ 1 oz.) (also available from Omovorica’s website) is a premium multi-tasking product made for day.  I’ve been testing this product for a few weeks getting my mind wrapped around all of the thing that it can do.  Which is considerable, because it is one of the products that you don’t realize that you wanted, because you didn’t think it could exist. And yet, here it is.

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One of the unique properties of Omovoricza’s Complexion Corrector is that it hydrates and gives a matte /satin finish at the same time.  You begin to realize the full import of that after you reach your late 20’s, and realize that all skin– even oily skin — needs hydration to look its best. Omovoricza’s Complexion Corrector can be used as alone, or as a primer, to hydrate and plump up my skin cells, so I get the “I spent all day in a spa” effect even after its removed for the day.  However, unlike many hydrating primers (or worthwhile moisturizers), Omovoricza’s hydration does not get greasy or heavy.  It remains as steady as a porcelain surface on the skin, very lightly so you do not notice it is there.  Except for the fact that your skin looks glowing, hydrated, and healthy.

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That’s a pretty neat trick-usually hydrating products make my skin “glowy” far too early in the day and do not have this stability.  In addition, there is something really healing about Omorovicza’s line. After one 14-hour day that including a drive that took us from 100+ degree heat to 50 degree fog (and back), including a long family gathering in between, my Dolce & Gabanna foundation looked untouched after all of that time using this as my primer base.  Further, the Complexion Corrector helped my stressed out skin look brighter and pinker after it was removed.

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The product is said to have brightening properties as well. I did notice that the product softened and diffused imperfections, including slight discoloration because of the pigment in the product itself. According to the line, the product includes Vitamin C and watercress leaf extract which “brightens the complexion and corrects skin tone to diminish the appearance of imperfections.” I will say that my skin did look more even-toned after several days of use.

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This comes in a luxe frosted glass bottle with a plastic pump:

Complexion Corrector1

Another significant benefit is that the product has a softening effect on my slight imperfections of my skin, and even very slightly blurs uneven color on the skin. I think diffusing imperfections is an accurate way  to describe the effect. It comes out of the bottle white, but blends quickly into a sheer matte-satin finish (click to enlarge):

Omorovicza Complexion Corrector2

I blended some product out from the left side of the image all the way to the right on my arm.  As the product goes to almost invisible, the effect is a little difficult to see (click the image below to enlarge):

Omorovicza Complexion Corrector1

Omorovicza’s Complextion Corrector includes an SPF 20 rating.  Ingredient list (click to enlarge):

omovoricza complexion corrector04

For outdoor wear, I layered this over my sunscreen.  The product still gave me a beautiful porcelain finish and didn’t feel heavy.  During my in-office days, I wore the Omorovicza Complexion Corrector alone.

Overall:  I loved it. It stabilized my makeup during the day, gave me a beautiful finish without the “silicone” feeling that some primers have, gave my skin moisture without feeling heavy or glowy, minimized imperfections, and gave my skin hydration throughout the day.  For those who live busy lives, having all of those features in a single product is a huge time-saver, saving me many steps in my morning beauty routine.

Available from Omovorica’s website (use code JUNE15 to get 15% off through mid-June) and also from Nordstrom.com

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  15 Responses to “Omorovicza Complexion Corrector Review”

  1. Hi there,

    It’s a lovely product! Thanks for the review!! =)
    Just one thing: how would u compare this with LMDB’s Peau Vierge Tinted Luminizer?

    Thanks ^^


    • LMDB’s Peau Vierge also has skincare components, and adds some coverage (this is clear). Peau Vierge has retinol (Omovoricza’s does not), which is a chemical exfoliant and can affect sun sensitivity. Omovoricza’s is more healing and hydrating. I’m not sure which ingredients Peau Vierge relies on to brighten, to be honest.

      • Thanks Amy for your helpful reply!!! I am currently considering which one to buy…. The retinol ingredient in Peau Vierge does worry me a little bit. The fact that Omovoricza is more healing and hydrating certainly is a plus. And I like the tuning-up effect of Omovoricza =)

  2. Oh my – I placed a large order last week and tried the promo code and it didn’t work!

    • Hmmm I just went to the site through my link and it accepted the code (I didn’t press “confirm order” but it did take 15% off of my basket total). This is my first day posting the code so maybe others have advice. Did you call the company?

  3. This sounds really lovely, and is definitely on my wish list! Thank you, as always, for your reviews!

  4. Hi Amy – Another amazing sounding Omorovicza product! Is this meant to be layered with the Omorovicza BB cream or a stand alone product? Do they have overlapping skincare functions or are they completely different products? Thank you for your thoughtful reviews and beautiful photos!

  5. Thanks for reviewing the product! I actually saw this at the store the other day and it looked interesting, but I wasn’t sure whether I should get it or not. Looks like I’ll be making another trip back to pick it up!

  6. This sounds lovely! I am obsessed with the Complexion Perfector already, so I’m not sure if I can justify investing in both at the same time. But the results of using Omorovicza speak for themselves – my skin has never looked better. Sigh! My poor bank account. 🙂

  7. I wish that I hadn’t rushed into buying their BB. It turned out to be both too dark and too pink for me. Would like to try this, but I am really put off by how much they charge. Each new product comes with a new, higher price.

  8. If only I had seen this review sooner! This sounds like something that would be perfect for me, except I ended up getting something else instead. If what I got doesn’t work as well, I’ll definitely give this one a try!

  9. I’ve been reading your reviews for awhile and have made purchases based on your reviews, I just haven’t commented. This sounds like the perfect product for my skin. I. Used your link to Omorovicza site and the june15 code still works as of Sunday, June 23. Love your reviews and appreciate the presentations. Thanks so much!

  10. I am so looking forward to getting this! Unfortunately, Nordstrom and Sephora seem to be sold out online so, alas, I will have to wait! I have been using the Skin Perfector (on your recommendation) and loving it. Truly. However, my skin feels pretty dry/tight by the end of the day – even with a heavy cream (Caudalie Intense Moisturizer) + spf underneath. Have you experienced this at all? I wonder if you might have any recommendations (as I’m not about to stop using it!). Perhaps the complexion corrector will add enough hydration to compensate…
    Thanks so much Amy-

    • Hi Katie–I haven’t notice any dryness. Sometimes sunscreens (physical) can feel drying, but since my skin gets oilier throughout the day it might not have the same effect. I’m not sure. You might try a light moisturizing mist near the end of the day (Tatcha and Omorovicza make them, so does Caudalie).

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