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This beautiful Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil ($125 /1.69 fl. oz.) (available here at Tatcha’s website and Barney’s New York). This is a highly moisturizing oil which has lovely moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties to restore the skin.  I love a good beauty oil. Despite the fact that my face is combination-oily, I’ve found that oils are some of the best moisturizers that I own.  They are surprisingly light and highly effective. When used overnight, they making my skin look beautifully alive. Tatcha’s Gold Camellia Beauty Oil sinks into the skin instantly, and if you apply just a bit gently plumps the skin cells to make skin look moisturized (but never oily).  It leaves the skin with a quiet, youthful glow.

tatcha camelia oil10

This product is one of those luxurious essentials that, once you start using it, make you wonder how you ever lived without it.  The bottle is a generously large size.  A tiny drop can be used to moisturize the entire face. Another few drops can be rubbed into your hands and then patted onto your hair to tame and restore. The oil is also designed to be used as an all-over body moisturizer.

Camellia Oil Tacha2

The bottle is a glass with softly tinted blue, and a clear bottom which reveals the 24-karat gold fleck inside.  The top unscrews to reveal a large oil dropper, which allows you to have complete control over the amount that you wish to dispense.

tatcha camelia oil17

Inside, the note reads (in part):

Dear Friend,

The benefits of the precious Camellia were first discovered thousands of years ago by Japan’s Oshima Island Girls who harvested the winter bloom for its luxurious oil…Our luxurious beauty oil contains pure Camellia Oil, rich in antioxidants and moisturizers that deeply nourish and protect the face, skin and hair. Flecks of 24-karat gold add a touch of glamour, celebrating the geisha’s timeless practice of elevating the every day to exquisite…

The gold moves inside the oil, and dissolves as  you work the oil into your skin. You can see it swirl around the clear portion of the bottle:

tatcha camelia oil14

 It’s quite easy to capture a flake or two in the stopper (here, the end of the stopper with a touch of the oil):

tatcha camelia oil16

The scent is quite spectacular–it has a warm floral fragrance that feels natural, clean, yet comforting and elegant. It’s simply gorgeous.  The ingredient list (click to enlarge):

gold camellia tatcha ingredients

 Instructions for use:

A few drops applied to the face, neck, décolletage and hair penetrate deeply and effortlessly, leaving skin and hair silken.

Tatcha has a talent for developing products that manage to succeed at extreme elegance, effectiveness, and simplicity. On all three points, Tatcha has reached a point of perfection.  This is a beautifully formulated effective treatment, and the aesthetic experience of using the product is inspiring, grounding, and leaves one looking and feeling restored.  I especially love to use this overnight on my face, neck and décolletage. The scent is beautiful and relaxing, and I love the effect the next day.

(Available Tatcha.com and Barney’s New York.

For more about Tatcha’s heritage and philosophy, see the website.

Tatcha heritage

 Tatcha sent this product to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup)


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  6 Responses to “Tacha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil Review”

  1. This sounds so gorgeous! From all the good things I’m hearing from beauty bloggers, I’m probably going to fall head over heels for this brand. Everything sounds so luxurious and elegant! This sounds like a wonderful alternative to the Silk Cream for combination and oily skin.

    I don’t understand the bad rep oils get, either – what do people think is put in moisturizers for combination and oily skin? In any case, I agree with you completely. I have combination skin and find that a good oil and well-moisturized skin can do wonders.

  2. I love Tatcha’s cleansing oil and the exfoliating powder. They “get” luxury packaging and what it means to the consumer. I know this and yet, the beauty of this product renders me speechless.

  3. I’m fast approaching 69 and have dry, sensitive skin so beauty oils have a special place of honor in my beauty routine. A devotée of Tatcha’s superlative cleansing oil, I had been hoping they’d bring out a beauty oil for quite awhile. My wish was granted when they released this ultra fine, easily absorbed, complexion enhancing camellia oil mixture. After applying my skin care, three tiny drops is all it takes to cover my face, neck, and décolletté. The remainder that’s left on the palms of my hands gets massaged into my cuticles and run through my long hair to add a bit of protective gloss. I’ve tried many an oil over the years and can state unequivocally that this beautifully scented and highly efficacious blend by Tatcha is simply superb.

    For those of you who are new to beauty oils, when dispensing the oil, don’t push on the button that is on the top of the dropper or the oil will squirt out. Just hold the dropper at a slight angle over your palm and let the oil drop of its own accord into the palm of your hand. I think a lot of people dislike beauty oils because they use way too much. A light and highly refined beauty oil, properly applied, should never leave your skin feeling greasy, sticky, or congested.

  4. Damn it, another Tatcha product I read about and instantly think “want it, need it”. Their products really appeal to me.

  5. Wow…I’ve always been scared to use these type of oils on my skin b/c it is oily as is, but I’m going to have to this a try. I’m intrigued by your critique and the said lightness of the oil. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for this review, sounds like a fantastic product. Would love to try Tatcha at some point.

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