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At the Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 Runway show, Nars previewed some brow products which are now set for release. Specifically. on July 15th on Nars online site and at Nars boutiques, the line is set to release four shades of a NARS Brow Perfector ($22 each) and four shades of the new Nars Brow Gel ($22 each).  I’m assuming that these will be more widely released during August (although there is no official word on that, just a guess).

NARS Brow Gel - hi res

According to the company describing the new Nars Brow Gel, “Keep brows in place with a unique precision-tapered brush that adds shape and definition to every angle while creating a fuller, smoother brow look to perfectly set the symmetry of the face.” The shades are:

  • Kishasa: Dark brown
  • Piraeus: Medium brown
  • Athens: Blond
  • Oural: Clear

Regarding the new Nars Brow Perfectors, the company states “A propel/repel pencil allows you to reshape, fill, and design brows for a full and flawless, natural matte finish, while an innovative oval shape gives complete control over brow shape, angle, and size. Natural ingredients ensure brows are nourished, soft, and smooth. The shades are:

  • Suriname:  Black
  • Caucase: Brown
  • Kalamata: Light brown
  • Salzbourg: Blonde


NARS Suriname Brow Perfector - hi res

NARS Caucase Brow Perfector - hi res

NARS Kalamata Brow Perfector - hi res

NARS Salzbourg Brow Perfector - hi res

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  7 Responses to “Preview: New Nars Brow Products”

  1. Redheads apparently never need brow products I see:( I shall stick to my trusty Maybelline Master Shaper. One day fellow redheads! One day high-end brand will remember we have eyebrows! The fight continues! 😉

    • I’d love them to expand this line to include these. Great suggestion. In the meantime, this company has been getting some good recs from women that I know (not affiliated). Thanks for the great comment! 🙂

  2. Oh, please, Caucase or Kalamata, be cool toned…

  3. All the Greek towns:Athens, Piraeus, Kalamata ha ha! Maybe Kalamata has a light cool olive tone like the famous Kalamata olives and olive oil

  4. Hi Amy,

    The NARS Larger Than Life eyeliners are staples for me — I’ll be interested to see how the formula of the brow pencils compare! Caucase might be up my alley 🙂

  5. Way to go Gabby! Seems like us gingers don’t need brow products or much of anything in the way of flattering colors. Especially if you are pale and cool toned. We are definitely in the minority and it feels to me like most of the major brands don’t even think we really exist. NARS is one of those.

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