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Bonjour from Paris!  I stopped by Chanel at 31 Rue Cambon, the main store for the line, and discovered that the Chanel Les Beige Poudre Belle Mine Naturelle (Healthy Glow Sheer Powder) were on display. Because I find that the sales professionals in this store are superbly well-informed, I thought it best to purchase mine here so that I could best understand this new pressed powder product.

Edit: Chanel’s Les Beiges powders are now available in the U.S. ($57.50).

Here is the display at the store, showing the five new shades (and the brush that is included in each compact). I initially gravitated to No. 20, the lightest shade in the upper left corner.  My Chanel color is typically Ivoire/Cameo, on the light/warm end of the spectrum.  However, the Chanel professional firmly insisted that No. 30 was my “belle mine” shade.  We had a bit of a verbal tussle about it, actually.

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Through our discussion, I discovered that the key to this product is the phrase “belle mine” (a variation of the term “bonne mine”) in the French name. Typically, this phrase is used to denote a natural, softly tanned color that is lighter than a bronzer and is worn all over the face.  This is the color that one hoped to obtain for a light, gentle tan (in the days when tanning was popular).  Released in the Spring/Summer season here in France, these powders are intended to be used as an all-over face color to give one a softly tanned glow.

Chanel Les Beiges04

Once the Chanel professional explained the purpose, I felt that this Beiges powder served a purpose that my finishing powders do not–that is, to give me the “bonne/belle mine” glow. Above is the slim, softly curved brushed that can be stored in the powder compact.

Chanel Les Beiges16

Here is my Chanel Beiges No. 30 powder. In the pan, it has a matte finish with almost invisible microsparkle that are so sparse that I was unable to find any once the powder is applied to my face.

Chanel Les Beiges18

Ingredient list:

Chanel Les Beiges02

Although I’m still playing with my Chanel Beiges Powder Compact, I wore it all day in 80-degree heat over my Guerlain BB Creme.  The Chanel powder gave me a pretty, even color that allowed my sun-block protected face to better match my arms and hands (which have picked up a touch of summer color).  Overall, I was glad that the Chanel associate insisted on No. 30 for me–this semi-sheer powder gave me a visible, pretty, summery glow. Of course, the Chanel Beiges is also an excellent, finely milled finishing powder, which helped the Guerlain BB Creme’s stability and texture on this very warm day.


Here are some swatches to show the Chanel Beiges powder in No. 30 (applied heavily), compared with Guerlain 4 Seasons in No. 2 Naturel Blondes (applied lightly) and Givenchy’s #4 Extreme Croisiere (a gingery tan).

Chanel Les Beiges08

One last image of the back of the Chanel compact, above. I understand that the Chanel Beiges collection will be released in the U.S. in August. (Update–this range is now available in the U.S.).

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  33 Responses to “Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder/Belle Mine Review”

  1. Oh my goodness…you are so fortunate to be able to try this release now! I have had #20 and #30 on my radar for months and August cannot come soon enough! #30 looks gorgeous and I love its subtle purpose…thanks so much for sharing. Did you get a chance to try the glow cream released with collection? xoxo

    • I haven’t seen the glow cream yet at the counters–I’ll keep looking! 🙂

    • The Glow Cream is available in Malaysia and I managed to get a sample. Just to share, I’m not impressed with the Glow Cream. It reminded me of the Chanel CC Cream in fragrance and texture. Too hard to work with and enhanced all the lovely dry patches on my cheeks! The rose scent is so strong that I got a headache until I cleansed my face

    • At this point in time, the cream formulation is an Asian exclusive. It is available in only two shades. Rumor has it that it will have a wider release come winter.

  2. It’s fascinating how Chanel releases appear at different times all over the world. Les Beiges has been in Canada for a while, but no sign of the Fall collection yet. Thank for the review! The packaging is lovely, and I love the little brush included.

  3. It was launched in Sweden already in April/May and I use #30 since then! even though my regular chanel shade is #10 or #20!

  4. Did it come in a Nº 10? I guess it wouldn’t for the effet bonne mine. I think that the 31, rue Cambon associates are the best. Knowledgeable and polite. I go every time that I am in Paris and only once in 20 years have I had a bad experience. The associate was beyond rude and I was aghast.

    • I did not see a No. 10–the display in the post is the entire display. I don’t know what will be released in the US.

      I agree that the service at 31 Rue Cambon is usually outstanding. It’s a lovely and calm place to shop, and so many beautiful things to look at.

      • Hi Melanie, Amy,

        As far as I understood each country chooses 5 shades maybe just because five colors and brush fit in the display. In Germany we have 10, 30, 40, 50, 70, go figure! I don’t like tanned skin appearance all over so went for 20, which was unable here so I ordered it from France 🙂

        I also like to use it in combination with my Guerlain BB Creme as a finishing powder, these two give me a solid base all day long. Amy I think you should also grab 20, just saying…

  5. Hi Amy! Thank you for your fabulous photos & review. I will definitely be purchasing the retractable brush & was planning on getting No.20, but now you have me thinking I should get No.30. I’m similar in complexion to you, but worried No.30 will look too orangey on me. Does No.30 look similar to Chanel’s Bronzing Makeup Base? When you swatched No. 20 did it look too light for you?…*blush* sorry for all my questions- really excited about this product based on all the glowing reviews & just hoping to order online when it first comes out here in the U.S. 😉 Have a wonderful trip & safe return
    Thanks again!
    x Naomi

    • No. 20 looked like a good match as a finishing powder (not too light for my face). No. 30 is not as orange as the Chanel cream bronzer at all. I would pick up No. 20 as a finishing powder when it arrives in the US, except I have enough finishing powders already.

      • Thank you Amy for your quick response 🙂 Guess I may just have to buy both No.20 & No.30 now, lol.
        x Naomi

        • Amy- Thank you so much for the wonderful review.

          Naomi – Hi. I have the #20 (I had a friend pick it up in France) and it is definitely like a finishing powder. The texture is so nice but I wish I would have gotten #30 and I will when it arrives here in August. My complexion is fair.

          • Hi Jackie 🙂 Thank you! Maybe I will just get No.30 since I don’t really need another finishing powder at the moment.
            x Naomi

  6. Hi Amy,

    What beautiful pictures of the entire shade range! I really love the packaging and the Les Beiges formula sounds wonderful!

  7. Actually, this reminds me a bit of Lumière D’Artifices Beiges from last fall. On my NC15 complexion, it gave enough color to be used as a subtle bronzer or as an all over finishing powder to enliven my fair complexion with the proverbially sun kissed “bonne mine”. When I first learned about Les Beiges, I was hoping it would be something similar in effect. From the reviews I’ve been reading, it sounds like it is. I can hardly wait until it arrives on counter this August

  8. What is the price of this in Paris? Thank you.

  9. V. nice coverage, Amy! So, do you/or the SA suggested to use this powder all over the place in lieu of setting powder? Or more like a replacement of bronzer? Also, in terms of pigmentation to say mainstream powder bronzer, how does the Les Beiges compare? Seems like the kabuki brush is v. dense and pick up much pigment/powder. I’m afraid this may look too powdery on my leaning dry skin. Thanks!

    • Yes all over the face instead of setting powder. It’s sheer coverage gives a wash of soft color (you can use any brush that you like–it does not have to be a kabuki. I used the retractable Guerlain brush but any will do to get the coverage that you like). I add bronzer as usual.

  10. I’m MAC NC40-42/Chanel BA24/Guerlain 23 Dore Naturel/MUFE 153/NARS Barcelona and got this in No.40, it’s a perfect match!

    But, because of my oily skin (and since it’s hot & humid here, I sweats like crazy as well!) this powder oxidize on me. Well, it’s not super orangey but if you have oily skin & sweats easily, I think you might wanna go with lighter shade 😉

  11. This was so helpful, thank you!! I’ve been stalking this powder for weeks and can’t wait for it to get here. While I knew it was supposed to give a “healthy glow” I didn’t realize that it may be something I should buy in a slightly darker shade. I assumed I would be a No. 20 as well, but after reading this I’m not so sure I wouldn’t be a 30 as well.
    I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when I go to the counter to pick it up in August. Thanks! 🙂

  12. I got an email from Chanel or a pre-order. The US shades are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70.
    I think I’m going for shade 30 based on your review, though I am cooler in skin tone.

    • Oh good, Frances. Thank you. That will save me from buying a backup 30. I’ve used that powder every day since I bought it. I’m starting to love it for a summer brush of color.

      • Chanel also sent me a teeny sample of Les Beiges in 40. The compact is so cute. I have tried it and I love it. Even though it looks dark in the pan, it blends right into my skin and gives it a healthy glow. (For reference, I typically buy foundation in shades like Porcelain or Finland).

  13. Thank you Amy for the helpful review! But I am wondering if you could show us the comparison between Les Beiges shade 30 and burberry blush shade “earthy”, because it seems to me that these two are all natural contour shades for pale people. =D

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  15. I’m loving this as finishing and touch up powder… at first, SA tried to give me either 30 or 40… but I refused and went for 20, that’s closer to my skintone (around Mac NC30). It’s also the only one with yellow undertones, since I find 30 more peachy. No. 40 is a nice subtle contour shade for me.

    I also loved the brush, it’s gorgeous!!!!

  16. Hello.. I want to buy this powder but im not sure what shade fits my skin tone. I am asian and have between light and dark tone… Pls i need ur response asap. Thanks

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