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Dior Constellation Bonne Etoile01

Dior is doing some impressive things lately. This fall, they’ve released two limited edition palettes–Dior Bonne Etoile and Constellation 5-Color Eye Palettes ($60 each). We’re a bit behind the curve posting about these, but I’m hoping there are a few out there if you see anything that you like. Mostly, this post is a big rave for so many changes that Dior has been making to its line. We love an innovator! 

Dior Constellation Bonne Etoile02

Both palettes are part of the Mystic Metallic collections, which is a high-metal, high glamour. Dior Bonne Etoile has a range of cool blue and green-teal, a gorgeous complicated green, a sparkling bronze-brown and a high-shine cool champagne.

Dior Constellation Bonne Etoile03

There’s something so happy and adorable about those little stars. Swatches:

Dior Constellation Bonne Etoile20

Liz and I found that these are strong, high-shine colors. Any single one of these deeper shades was enough, all on it’s own, to make a pretty eye. This palette has so much drama and glitz that we haven’t yet worked up the courage to use them all at the same time. There’s plenty of color and pigment here, this is a beautifully done palette. Here’s Liz wearing the middle shade only:

Dior Constellation Bonne Etoile13a

Dior Constellation was part of Nordstrom’s Annivesary Sale. It has a range of sparkling, metallic plums and pinks.

Dior Constellation Bonne Etoile05

Up close, you can see this shimmery, highly pigmented color:

Dior Constellation Bonne Etoile06


Dior Constellation Bonne Etoile21

Here is Dior Constellation on Liz, using only the middle three colors:

Dior Constellation Bonne Etoile10

We found these are nicely designed, well-formulated and beautifully made. When the weather cools, we expect to dip into these to get some beautiful, Fall-friendly eyes.


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  6 Responses to “Dior Fall 2013: Bonne Etoile and Constellation Eyeshadow Palettes Reviewed”

  1. I just loved these palettes. They would make the Fall Winter looks really mesmerizing and magical. Since its not launched in India yet I am going to save a lot of money to buy both the palettes (initially was stuck on Bonne Etoile but after your review I am buying both). The colors look intense and ethereal and looks like I would make some models and celebs look really pretty with those colors at my makeup job.

    Thanks a lot for the review. The palettes are simply amazing.

  2. I fell in love with the colors in these palettes and immediately bought both. They’ve sat untouched since, as I wasn’t sure what type of look to do with them or if they’d even work with my coloring (extremely fair, green eyes). Thanks for posting the looks, it gives me a starting point for Constellation. Still might return Bonne Etoile.

  3. Hi Amy,

    I think Bonne Etoile would be my favorite of the two– the olive and deep blue look like they’d make a gorgeous combination!

  4. Is this available online? I bet my sister would love this.

  5. These were my fave palettes from Dior in a long time. I’ve had some loves, but the Fall 2013 ones go way above and beyond!

  6. Bonne Étoile is so tempting! I admit I didn’t like it much when I 1st saw it but now… 🙂

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