Aug 222013

Tom Ford Orchid Haze Palette03

I was able to pick up the new Tom Ford Orchid Haze Eye Color Quad, one of three new permanent quad eyeshadow palettes that are being introduced.  This is a beautiful mix of a shimmering champagne, dusty rose, a shimmering mauve-taupe, and a satin-matte, toned down deep aubergine.
Tom Ford Orchid Haze Palette05

Eyeshadow palette formulations really do not get much better than this. Each color is beautifully smooth, excellently pigmented and unbelievably easy to blend.

Tom Ford Orchid Haze Swatches7

Last Fall’s limited edition Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Color Quad had a shimmery, sparkling quality that was quite unique. Unlike Enchanted, Tom Ford Orchid Haze has a more standard texture–none of the shades are as sparkling as Enchanted. Rather, Orchid Haze’s three shimmery shades are smooth and apply without the same visible glimmery bits.

Tom Ford Orchid Haze Swatches5

Tom Ford Orchid Haze has a mauve tone, not a purple one. Here are swatches next to Guerlain’s Attrape-Couer (which does have true violets and purples), so you can see the color differences.

Tom Ford Orchid Haze Swatches1

Tom Ford’s Orchid Haze, so far as my testing has gone so far, really applies beautifully. The deep shade is particularly strong and dramatic–it’s going to be a liner or evening color for me unless I use it with a light touch or some good blending. The shimmer in the highlight color melts down to a pretty, smooth surface when blended.  The other colors are gorgeous everyday, crowd-pleasing neutrals with a kick. Although I’m still working with the palette, I’m not getting any creasing or fading despite the lack of any eyeshadow base. So far, the quality seems superb.

I would be expecting the Tom Ford Orchid Haze Eye Color Quad, together with the new In the Pink  (I might have to back that one up). and She Wolf trios (ditto), and the other two Eye Color Quads, soon at all Tom Ford counters.  Absolutely worth your time to look.

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  13 Responses to “First Look: Tom Ford Orchid Haze Eye Color Quad”

  1. Not sure if you’re busy but would you swatch this next to chanel raffinement?

    • I’ll try to! 🙂

    • That would be great! They look very similar to me. I was thinking of invest in one of the TF palettes, but I already got Chanel Raffinement, but I felt in love with this one, decisions, decisions,….

  2. This a beautiful palette and one I need to add to the check list when I’m in the States in November. Tom Ford is not available in Canada. I love cool tone shadows and the shimmer seems more restrained in this quad, which is a plus for a more mature eye.

  3. Hello
    Do you know the names of the other two quads to be released?

    Thanks for the review!

    • Michelle–Here are descriptions of all three:

      Orchid Haze: a sophisticated interpretation of classically charming shades of pinks and plums. An arrangement of satine and matte finishes bring delicate smokiness to the eyes that can transform from soft and subtle to dark and mysterious.

      Ice Queen: a quartet of subtle blues and icy grays that deliver a modern take on a classic statement-making color. Curated for maximum effect, this combination of transforming, yet accessible colors glide on in sleek formulas ranging from a frosty white sheen to a stunning silvered blue metallic to a daring slate blue matte

      Lavender Lust: an arrangement of soft satine and sheer sparkle finishes. Dazzling shades range from light lavender, pale plum, to deep aubergine. These subtle shades deliver a delicate yet sensuous look.

      Also, in the US we will see Seductive Rose: an arrangement of soft satine and sheer sparkle finishes. Stunning shades range from pale pink, rose, lilac and rich plum. [This was previously released as an Asia exclusive, so isn’t new to the world, but will be new to us).

      The source is Full Time Ford.

  4. Hi Amy,

    I love the look of Tom Ford Orchid Haze! I really like the inclusion of the dusty rose 🙂

  5. This will be my first Tom Ford purchase :). I love it!

  6. What a fabulous palette!! Do u suggest these to warm tones as well?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous selection of shades! I do have quite a few similar colors so I couldn’t personally justify this but I think it’s really well done

  8. Pretty! Pretty!

  9. […] one, named Orchid Haze, is new and made up of neutral-ish mauves and purples. You can see photos on Cafe Makeup. I’ll probably skip Lavender Lust for now because I can’t really justify another […]

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