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Cafe Makeup’s inbox is awash in Spring/Summer 2014 makeup and beauty reports. I’m trying to hold it down to a mild roar (do you want to see more?). I couldn’t resist posting this one. The existence of a Nars Matte Multiple?  Yes, we say, sign us up! Here’s the latest from Nars at Thakoon SS ’14.


NARS created the look for the Thakoon SS’14 runway show. Lead Artist Diane Kendal for NARS Cosmetics created a look that was “all about lashes with fresh skin, a bit of dimension, and a pink lip.”


Fresh cheek

Anguilla Matte Multiple (New for Spring 2014; for now try the Riviera Multiple)
Cappadoce Matte Multiple (New for Spring 2014; for now try Palm Beach Multiple)
Laos Matte Multiple (New for Spring 2014; for now try Barbarella Lipstick)
Here’s a look at the three new matte multiples from ElleUK’s Instagram feed and swatched here:
nars matte multiples
This from Nordstrom’s Instagram, looking at many of the products used (you can see the multiples in the back):
nars thakoon
 The overall look:
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  8 Responses to “Nars Beauty Report: Thakoon SS ’14 and a Matte Multiple Sighting”

  1. hi amy!!! i enjoyed reading this so much! i really never had much interest in nars until i started reading your wonderful blog. that look is very pretty! however, i’d have to “tweak” it a bit, just mascara would not be the best look for me. i have a question and i wonder if you could please give me your expert advice. i’m still enjoying my summer makeup. after reading your post about chanel’s moon river, i bought multiple backups. i’m sorry to say i’m almost out of my last one. question…is tom ford’s she wolf remotely in the same color family as moon river? i need a really good, easy to use neutral quad. am i thinking this could be it? i thought this would be good to hold me over until holiday collections come in, which should be the end of this month. i thought i’d wear the she wolf and just change the cheek and lippie colors. i’m sorry that i strayed off the subject. i’m guessing as i’m going to have to order this. i wanted your thoughts. thankyou very, very much!!!! xoxo.

    • Hi Wendy, No I’m sorry to say that She Wolf has prominent gray/taupe tones. To me, Moon River is so light and pewter. Don’t get me wrong, the Tom Ford is a good fall transition trio and a fabulous neutral–but it’s not the same as Moon River. You might look at Dior’s cream Etoile which has a similar pewter shimmer vibe, and pair it with a neutral brown, teal, or purple (or taupe, for that matter).

      I will say that the nice thing about Tom Ford She Wolf is that it doesn’t make me look tired–there’s an absence of those red tones that can bring a gray color too far. I mean, it’s a fabulous trio and would pair really well with a dark lip. It just lives in a darker color category than Moon River.

      I’m assuming that you don’t love the concept of Tom Ford In the Pink? (I bought two!) In the Pink has a eye-brightening quality with a soft shimmer–but it’s peach, so I’m not sure if that’s in your comfort zone.

      • hi amy! thankyou for responding back to me….i really have no idea about in the pink….i also really need to try these on! with that, i have a dior counter and i’m interested in what you suggested! happy monday to you! xxoo.

  2. Love these looks – NARS artists made the skin look so fresh and glowy! Thx for sharing these Amy 🙂

  3. Uh oh, I think I’m in trouble now! You’re peaking my interest in NARS.

  4. Glory be! I have begun to loathe the lack of shimmer-free and matte options and I love the Multiple, despite its total lack of staying power on me. This is great!

  5. Hi:) I was wondering if someone could tell me the name of the “Fresh Cheek” model, she´s also to the left on the “The Overall Look” photo….

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