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Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Cloths ($39 for 3/pack of 10 each) are a top shelf takes-it-all-off product. These are gentle cleansing wipes designed to remove every trace of mascara, foundation, sunscreen, and every other item. Between my heavy travel schedule and life as a blogger, I’ve got a fairly large set of experiences with cleansing cloths. I’ve used several drugstore brands (Ponds, Olay, others), I’ve usually got a pack of the MAC 100-count wipes around, and I’ve enjoyed a few varieties of L’Occitane (their Lemon Verbena is nicely scented).

Having a packet of wipes in my travel bag has been invaluable on long flights. It allows me to remove my makeup, and having a bit of moisture left behind while doing so is a nice quality on those long, drying flights. Actually, I’ve made a few friends sitting next to someone who’s spilled a drink or exploded a pen. People really appreciate the offer when they don’t have their own. And I appreciate a little bit of luxury onboard because–let’s face it–flights are not always the most pleasant experience of one’s week.


The size of the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Cloths is on the large side–each sheet is about 7 1/2 inches across, with a very soft texture. They are infused with Koh Gen Do’s gentle Cleansing Spa Water, which feels a bit like a micellar water cleanser.  It’s soft and moisturizing– It doesn’t feel heavy or oily. My experiments confirmed that these cloths do take off all visible color, including my mascara (Armani Eyes to Kill Excess) after holding the cloth on my closed eye for less than a half-minute. They feel very gentle–there is no stinging or stipping feeling. Unlike the other brands that I’ve tried, my face feels a bit softer and moisturized after use.



Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Spa Water Cloths have a very light, pleasant scent that is not very strong. Best of all, the re-closure of the packaging is very thorough. The adhesive has some serious re-attaching properties to help preserve the cloths moisture (unlike some of the drugstore brands that I’ve tried).

Overall, if you are looking for a premium cleansing experience, the Koh Gen Do are well worth a look.

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  2 Responses to “Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Cloths Review”

  1. Oh, darn! I see several ingredients I don’t want on my skin, but I love your description of sharing them on the plane with others in need.

    Though my skin is far too sensitive recently for any kind of abrasion, no matter how soft, I still keep my Garnier Sensitive wipes and Pacifica Coconut Water wipes handy. I’m so glad I found I’ve found them, because I didn’t enjoy the process of winnowing down the enormous field of choices.

  2. I love these clothes! I had a very generous sample size of them and loved using them. They are so soft and absolutely remove every trace of makeup. No stinging, no blurry filmy eyes. Doesn’t irritate my Rosacea. The liquid feels cooling and soothing. My only gripe? They are a bit pricey for my budget. If I ever find them on sale I will certainly treat myself to some. Great product!

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