Oct 012013


NARS is sending out previews of its holiday collection built on the inspiration by fashion photographer and film maker Guy Bourdin.  Here, we are looking forward to new entirely new formula eyeshadows and lipsticks, both called Nars Cinematic.

Nars Cinematic eyeshadows

The new NARS Cinematic eyeshadows include these vibrant colors ($24 each) (click to enlarge image):

  • Wishful Thinking: macaw blue
  • Rage: Electric orchid
  • Bad Behaviour: Deep pewter
  • Cambodia: Pink copper
  • Mississippi Mermaid:  Champagne

Nars Cinematic Lipstics 1

Nars Cinematic Lipsticks 2

The new Cinematic lipsticks ($26 each) (click to enlarge image):

  • Future Red:  Cherry
  • Short Circuit: Fire coral
  • Last Tango:  Dusty rose
  • Goodbye Emmanuelle:  Hot pink
  • Full Frontal: Rose violet

Nars Holiday Blushes

The blushes in the collection are $29 each:

  • Exhibit A: Matte, vivid red (repromote)
  • Coeur Battant:  Magenta (woah!)
  • Day Dream: Peachy pink

Nars Guy Bourdin Nail

The nail colors are new shades ($19 each):

  • Tomorrow’s Red: Scarlet flame
  • Follow Me: Deep Fuchsia
  • No Limits:  Bright pink violet
  • Union Libre:  Blossom pink

These are launching at the NARS Boutique and NARS online on October 15th, and elsewhere after that. I’ll post more gift sets (which look fabulous) later today.

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  4 Responses to “Nars Holiday Guy Bourdin’s Color Collection Preview”

  1. Oooh I do believe Last Tango and Follow Me have my name on and I think I could get along with Day Dream real well too! 🙂

  2. Looks so bright and pretty!! Very happy holiday-ish!

  3. Ah! I cannot wait to investigate Last Tango, Full Frontal, and Future Red Cinematic lipsticks (I cannot wait to see what that formula is) as well as Coeur Battant blush and Follow Me nail polish. So pretty!

  4. Hi Amy,

    I’m loving the look of NARS Future Red Lipstick and NARS Mississippi Mermaid here 🙂

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