Oct 042013

There are a few nail things to talk about as this week comes to a close….

Gel Topcoats 23

First, to update my Gel Topcoat post, I was able to fully revive the last dregs of my Guerlain Top Coat with the Seche Restore (described here in the original post).  The Guerlain formula was getting a little thick as I reached the bottom third of the bottle, but a healthy dose of the Seche Restore makes it like new again.  Now that my top coat is good to the last drop, my only reservation is that I wish that the brush was a little longer, because I’ll be using this one all the way to the end.

Sephora Formula X1

Second, Sephora’s full Formula X line is up online. Although not all of these polishes are new, they are fun. I was able to play with Brain Power (the camel) and Chaotic, an impressionistic topcoat that mixes all kinds of shapes to look like a splatter painting. At around $10-12, these are a creative way to do nail art even if you aren’t a wizard with a brush.

Sephora Formula X21

Here’s Chaotic over Nars Galatheé (also available at Nordstrom.com).

Nars Fall Nails3

Third, Marc Jacobs has finished his last show as lead designer for Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear with a lovely deep blue Marc Jacobs Beauty Midnight in Paris. This is due out as a limited edition shade next Fall.

marc jacobs nail

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  3 Responses to “Three Little Nail Updates”

  1. Good to know about the Guerlain Top Coat. I do believe this is the one I’ll be getting instead of Dior. Thanks for the extra info. 🙂

  2. Chaotic looks just like Lynnderella’s Connect the Dots. Totally love your description–I don’t think I’ve ever heard glitter polish described as a splatter painting before. It instantly makes me think of Jackson Pollock–who is one of my favorite artists ever.

  3. Very pretty nail art. Will check out the top coat though.

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