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Chanel Charming Palette01

The Collection Nuit Infinie collection brings us the Chanel Charming Ombres Matelassees eyeshadow palette ($80), a neutral-with-a-twist palette that gives a foolproof dark smokey eye. This selection includes five workhorse shades that lean toward the deeper side of the neutral palette.

Chanel Charming Palette03

 Chanel Charming is housed in the traditional 5-pan format of the Pearl River and 51, Montaigne.

Chanel Charming Palette05

Inside are four near-matte shades and one near-shimmer. The overall impression of this palette is matte once applied to the skin:

Shade #1 is a neutral matte beige that is the only truly light shade in the palette, and it is not very light. In  tonality, it is close to my natural skin tone although it is a touch cooler/neutral. It can be used as a matte highlight (for example in the inner corner), or to add a bit of light once the other darker shades are applied.

Shade #2 is a neutral light brown that provides a good base color for the overall lid.

Shade #3 is a complex shimmery metal cinnamon color that applies as a soft red-brown.

Shade #4 is a dark neutral matte brown.

Shade #5 is a dark mauve grey.

Chanel Charming Palette08

 The shades are finely milled, well-formulated and look appropriate in numerous work and play situations. As I said earlier, the overall impression on the eye is much deeper than many neutral palettes. Although it looks “dupable” compared to other palettes such as Urban Decay’s Naked, the superior, more refined texture sets Chanel Charming apart. In sun:

Chanel Charming Palette10

However, I will say that I did experience a little deja vu using this palette–it reminded me of a deeper toned version of the Guerlain 10 Rue Des Francs-Bourgeois 6 pan palette (reviewed here) ($86), a palette in Guerlain’s permanent line which has been my neutral go-to eyeshadow palette over the past few weeks. The palettes are close in price (about a $6 difference). The Guerlain palette does not have the mauve dark shade of the Chanel Charming palette, and the metallic shade in the Guerlain’s is more prominent and brighter. Here are swatch comparisons (the Guerlain on top, Chanel Charming on the bottom row):

Chanel Charming Palette12

Another (with Guerlain 10 Rue Francs-Bourgeois on top, and Chanel Charming on the bottom.

Chanel Charming Palette11

As you can see,  Chanel Charming is the choice for a darker, smokier look. Given my paler skin tone, I find Guerlain 10 Rue Francs-Bourgeois a better choice for an everyday, work palette.

Overall, Chanel Charming is not the ‘star product’ of the Holiday 2013 line that I was expecting with Chanel’s unparalleled creativity that we’ve seen in past seasons. However it is a well-formulated, beautiful everyday palette and genius for an easy, dressy eye for the Holiday season and beyond.

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  6 Responses to “Chanel Charming Eyeshadow Palette Review”

  1. Hi Amy,

    I’d have to agree that Chanel Charming is, indeed, charming, though not the star of Chanel Holiday 2013. I love colors 1,2, and 5. It’s also nice to see that 3 swatches more red — I had thought it would be more golden.

    I was set on picking up the palette when I first saw promos — it had the perfect colors for this fall season and seemed so wearable! Unfortunately, there was that production delay; in the meantime, my color palette seems to have moved on to more wintry shades (a la Tom Ford Ice Queen). It’s a shame, as I really would have loved Chanel Charming given the appropriate seasonal moment!

  2. My Macys had this In stock today (finally) and I picked it up without even switching it. I travel a lot for work and this palette will be great for both day and night looks.

    I’ve been reading beauty blogs and watching beauty videos for about a year now and I’ve grown to really trust and respect your reviews and opinions. Thank you for such consistently quality reviews!

  3. This palette I plan on getting. It’s the perfect selection of colors for everyday for me and I can see myself saving time having to go towards one instead of several compacts. 🙂

  4. Hi Amy! Great review. What do you think are the must have products of chanel’s holiday collection?

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