Nov 152013

Nars Cinematic Lipstick02

NARS has just released the limited edition NARS Cinematic lipsticks, a new moisturizing formula with vibrant color and soft shine in five colors–NARS Last Tango, Future Red, Full Frontal, Short Circuit, and Goodbye Emmanuelle ($26 each).  I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to these–especially Last Tango and Future Red, so I thought it worth featuring these.

Nars Cinematic lipsticks62

According to the NARS line, these limited edition lipsticks include a “blend of lip conditioners and antioxidants known to hydrate, nourish and protect lips,” including Monoï butter and Vitamin E. These NARS Cinematic lipsticks do feel very luxurious and hydrating, far more like the Chanel Rouge Allure line. These are gloriously pigment rich–although Goodbye Emmanuelle is clearly Liz’s favorite, I’m having a very hard time choosing between Last Tango and Future Red (oh, Future Red is a very, very nice red!). Last Tango has been living in my Louis Vuitton for the past several weeks, I hope it has enjoyed the traveling that I’ve subjected it to, as I’ve certainly enjoyed having it along during those drying flights!

Nars Cinematic Lipstick03

These are all creme texture (no shimmer) and pack plenty of pigment without depositing a lot of product:

Nars Cinematic lipsticks72

Here is my favorite Nars Last Tango:

Nars Cinematic Lipstick14

This is a lovely off-nude:

Nars Cinematic Lipstick13

Nars Last Tango on Liz:

Nars Cinematic Lipstick43

This is the beautiful rich pink Nars Goodbye Emmanuelle:

Nars Cinematic Lipstick05

Nars Goodbye Emmanuelle on Liz:

Nars Cinematic Lipstick41 copy

Another of my favorites, Nars Future Red, which reminds me of a more moisturizing version of Chanel Pirate:

Nars Cinematic Lipstick18

Nars Future Red on Liz:

Nars Cinematic Lipstick46

Nars Short Circuit, a bright warm red:

Nars Cinematic Lipstick16

Nars Short Circuit on Liz:

Nars Short Circuit1

And of course, the dramatic Nars Full Frontal:

Nars Cinematic lipsticks63

Nars Full Frontal on Liz:

Nars Cinematic Lipstick45

Overall, I’d say “bravo” to NARS for this lovely formulation. These have gorgeous pigment, good wear time, gorgeous gloss and a moisturizing feel.  I adore the reds and the neutral Last Tango. Since using these for several weeks, I’ve upgraded this from “These are lovely and well worth a try” to “don’t miss these, they’re limited edition and you really need at least one.”

Nars Cinematic lipsticks67

The NARS Cinematic lipsticks were sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup)

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  5 Responses to “Nars Cinematic Lipstick Reviews: Last Tango, Future Red, Full Frontal, Short Circuit, and Goodbye Emmanuelle”

  1. Oooo I saw these this week but was in a bit of a hurry, I’ll definitely make a stop for Last Tango! Gorgeous!

  2. I really love the pink and purple shades, and am intrigued by the soft nude. I zoomed over to hoping to snag them with the 20% off sale, but they all were out of stock.

    Thank you Amy for taking the time to post, and Liz for modeling them on the lips, so much better than swatches alone!

  3. How does Last tango compare to Dolce vita lipstick?

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