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Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows14

Holiday 2013 brings us the Nars Cinematic Eyeshadows ($24 each), a limited edition set of an entirely new formulation of colors. The formula is interesting and nothing like any other product out there. These are shimmery with a very delicate texture. Applied sheerly, these are so finely milled and highly pigmented that they leave a very delicate wash of color that sort of melds to the skin.

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows06

There are five colors in the formula, three neutrals and two brights. The neutrals are the light champagne Mississippi Mermaid, the rust Cambodia, and the charcoal Bad Behavior. The brights are the clear blue Wishful Thinking and the complex purple Rage.

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows15

This formula is so different and it took me a bit of time to fully understand it.  I’ll s hare my thoughts, but of course you should reach your own conclusions. First, I will say that this is a formula that you should not miss examining, especially if you are beauty aficionado and love unusual and unique formulas. Some part of me wonders whether these are a bit ahead of their time. There are pro’s and con’s to the formula (more about this later), but anything this innovative is very addictive and beautiful. Treated correctly, these are one-of-a-kinds that I almost immediately learned to love.

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows07

First, the cons (let’s get those out of the way):

The formula is fragile, so no dropping and care must be taken during shipping. You can see at Tempalia’s post that some arrived shattered. You will want to buy from a trusted source that takes returns, and if you do ship these you will want to bubble wrap them and place them in a protective box (rather than a mailing envelope).

Also, these kick up a lot of powder during application, and there can be fallout. Part of me wonders whether there should be a new brush developed for using these. As an aside, my more expensive brushes (Hakuhodo) seemed to do better than my MAC’s.

Now, the pro’s (in my own opinion):

These sheered out and built up so beautifully–like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Even the sheerest wash was a pixie-dance of highly pigmented color and beautiful light-attracting texture that transformed my lid-space.

These hid lid imperfections with the barest wash.

As you might expect with a fragile formula, these are very soft. The pigment leaps onto the brush in a way that takes  a bit of adjustment. I’d practice on the back of your hand at your first try to get used to the pigment level.

The high pigmentation with a small amount of powder means that you can get impact without a lot of layering and without any heavy powder look.

They look so different and modern–nothing separates a look like something entirely new.

 Now, the Nars Cinematic Eyeshadow colors:

Mississippi Mermaid: a pretty, shimmery champagne neutral.

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows09

Cambodia: a rust-brown.

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows10

Wishful Thinking:  a vibrant clear medium blue.

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows02

Rage: a vibrant purple with a touch of red.

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows01

Bad Behavior: an incredibly highly-pigmented complex charcoal shimmer. This packs a lot of color into every brushstroke.

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows08

Swatches of all shades:

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows16

Another set:

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows18

And one more for good measure:

Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows18

Here is a combination of Mississippi Mermaid and Cambodia on Liz:

Nars Cinematic Eyeshadows on Eye1

Here is is the softest wash possible of Wishful Thinking so that you can see this high-impact color can be worn so very sheerly on the lid if you like:

Nars Cinematic Eyeshadows on Eye2

Pulling the lid back a bit to show the reflective, multi-dimensional texture (with the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush) again with the sheerest possible wash:

Nars Cinematic Eyeshadows on Eye3

Of course, these build up quickly if you like. This is a heavy wash of Bad Behavior, again with the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush to show you that it’s quite easy to build up to strong color:

Nars Cinematic Eyeshadows on Eye5e

I personally found that the Nars Cinematic eyeshadows are a remarkably versatile, highly workable and innovative formula. I found them well worth dealing with the fragility and a bit of dust-up. They’re soft of awesome, in my book, and well worth taking a look before these limited edition shades disappear.

Nars Cosmetics sent the Cinematic Eyeshadows to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate link (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup).

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  7 Responses to “Nars Cinematic Eye Shadows: Mississippi Mermaid, Cambodia, Wishful Thinking, Rage and Bad Behavior”

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  2. Hallo,
    this is my firat reply and I want to say thank you for your great posts and swatches.
    I am in Germany, some brands are not availeble here.
    My in laws had spend the last 2 weeks in N.Y.C. I had a long wish list of beauty items, and because I checked pics on your blog it was easy to choose colors, brands etc.
    Greetings from Germany!

  3. These are all so gorgeous and the textures are quite nice. I’ve swatched them and they are great but since I purchased so much makeup including a NARS palette (Fairy’s Kiss) recently I have to pass. 🙁

  4. hi amy! how can you not love an eyeshadow named mississippi mermaid? i’d definitely shy away from the color of wishful thinking. but, on liz it looks so pretty and not what it looks like in the pan (well, at least in my eyes looking at the picture). could you please tell me any colors she is wearing on eyes, lips, cheeks? i definitely have to have that edward bess brush, it does look so luxurious. i looked on neiman marcus’ website but, there are just a few items of edwards’. i know he branched out to sephora. i was interested in his single eyeshadows and i don’t see those anywhere?? is he still in “business”? i haven’t really heard of new products of his in the longest time. i did see a quad and pallette of colors but, i definitely wanted some singles. well, i’m going to check out these colors at the mall. i’m also going to look at the guerlain quad you suggested that is similar to chanel’s charming. charming was to dark for me. thankyou very much amy!! i can’t wait until your next post!! xxoo.

    • Edward Bess’ line is still selling the singles. I stopped by Bergdorf’s during one of my trips last August. To my delight, he was still at the counter as wonderful as ever (I swear the singles were there as well!). I always get the best information by calling Bergdorfs’ counter, especially because his is a boutique line. They are always happy to tell me about upcoming items, and to take orders for everything that is available now.

  5. The eyeshadows are amazing in texture! I have the Mississippi mermaid one and the effect is not too glittery but very much close to holographic. Is it possible to swatch Rage as well? I didn’t try it out in store and don’t really know what it looks like on the eyelids because most blogs that I visited don’t really swatch wishful thinking/rage, maybe due to their intensity and they’re not a colour that one’d wear on a daily basis but they certainly look really pretty!! Cheers x

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