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burberry nailBurberry Nail Polish ($21) is currently being rolled out as a new product category for the line. I’ve been impressed with many of Burberry’s formulas, and so I couldn’t wait to try it. Although some of my choices are still on backorder, I wanted to give you a few thoughts on some colors that have arrived– Nude Beige and Oxblood. Both are classic “Burberry” colors, and reminded me of the iconic plaid color that evokes the brand’s neutral aesthetic.

Burberrry nail01

At $21, the price is friendly and the commitment is low. The bottles hold roughly 0.27 fluid ounces of product, which is on the smaller end for a premium polish (Chanel are typically marked at 0.4 oz., and Dior and Guerlain at .33 ozs.). Honestly, I rarely evaluate products on their volume. As the Chanel, Dior and Guerlain come in at a higher price point than Burberry, I suppose that overall the price point seems all in line (as high end beauty goes). Purchasing from outside the U.S., Color Me Loud has more colors in the Burberry line as well as some comparisons.

Burberrry nail02

The bottles use a rich glass etched with the line’s logo, and the iconic plaid on the cap is etched in (just as it is with Burberry’s other fluid products).

Burberrry nail03

When the caps are removed, you can see that the bottle extends upward:

Burberrry nail07

The brushes are slightly wider than normal, which eases application (although not as wide as Guerlain’s or Dior’s). I found the Burberry brush highly workable and the formula was quite easy to apply.

Burberrry nail08

Burberry Nude Beige is a neutral beige with high opacity and high shine (without a topcoat).

Burberrry nail06

I approached this color with some trepidation–indeed, I ordered this color to see how Burberry could handle something so pale. In other brands, lighter whites, pastels, and beiges can go streaky or require numerous coats, which causes them to look too thick once applied. However, Burberry appears to have mastered the challenge quite successfully–this is opaque in two to three coats (depending on how heavily you apply this with the brush). It didn’t streak up or look goopy or thick. Pretty amazing. Burberry Nude Beige on my nails:

Burberrry nail17

Here are some comparisons with some other light neutrals, including Orly Country Club Khaki (a taupe), Rescue Beauty Lounge Plie (a light pink), Chanel Beige (which runs sheer), and Burberry Nude Beige (which is opaque):

Burberrry nails08

Burberry Oxblood is a beautiful rich cool red. I adore this color beyond all reason.

Burberrry nail05

Burberry Oxblood is shiny and opaque in two coats. It is gloriously pigmented. Yes, you need it.

Burberrry nail12

Burberry Oxblood is lighter and more red, compared to some other vampy darks in my collection. Here are comparisons with the very dark Guerlain Vega, the shimmery Chanel Malice, and the dark red/black Chanel Madness, Accessoire, and Rouge Noir.

Burberrry nails09

Overall, Burberry’s nail colors are impressive. The formula so far is excellent, the application is easy, and the overall look is gorgeous. These will fit well within the aesthetic of the rest of the line–excellence in formula, classic colors, and highly wearable and beautiful colors.

Available at Nordstrom, and other Burberry sources.

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  10 Responses to “Burberry Oxblood and Nude Beige Nail Polish Review and Swatches”

  1. Oxblood is an absolute stunner!!

  2. Hi Amy,
    thanks so much for the review and comparison swatches. I got Oxblood along with six other shades in the line. I have to check out Nude Beige too, looks so pretty on you.

    I am loving the shades of Burberry, especially Steel Grey, which has a gorgeous hidden sheen and Dark Trench which has this cool elegant touch to it. What I am not loving is the brush and the consistency pair. Or maybe also combined with the opening of the bottle. I can’t put my finger on it but during application I experience pooling, almost all the time too much nail polish is on the brush. I ended up removing some of the nails to apply the nail polish again and the opening of the bottle seemed like very dirty and clumped. I swatched all the shades I have, some were better than the others but all had more or less the same problem.

    I didn’t experience anything close to that with high end polishes. I also read in other blogs (at least 3 more until now) that the brush is described as stiff, or “You can’t get the excess off the wand as you pull it from the bottle, so polish blobs down to overload the brush” (Quote: imabeatygeek) to which I can’t agree more.

    I was wondering if you used a special technique or a tool to improve this situation as it seems you didn’t have any problem with it.

    • The darker Oxblood applied like a dream for me.

      For any light shade (all lines), I use far less on the brush and build color using more coats. Also I “skate” the brush over the nail without ever touching it. This seems to keep application even. It is best to do this quickly to minimize the chances that too much product travels down the brush. I don’t really think about this anymore.

      I likely did this with Nude Beige– did you do something similar? I know your application is typically expert. Honestly, I have problems with some of Chanel’s lighter shades that I did not experience with Burberry’s Nude Beige. In fact, it struck me that Burberry’s Nude Beige applied beautifully compared to some of Chanel’s lighter colors.

      I didn’t have any problem opening the bottle. I’ll link your post and comparisons in the main post. Thank you!

      • After reading your answer, I am rushing to the Burberry counter to get a bottle of Nude Beige! 😉

        I also have seen problems with very light shades from time to time also on high end products, Tom Ford’s In the Pink was very streaky to my taste for example. I found Burberry not streaky at all. The problem with me was more getting “too much on the brush” and not being able to get rid of it in a nice way. I will try starting with even less on the brush and building up. Thank you for your answer.

      • And i thought i was crazy with thinkinh that burberry nail polishes are great. Now i see that you like if too! I love it. It stayed on my nails for 5 days of no chipping even when i was washing clothes! ♥

  3. Is Oxblood ever pretty! I have to wait until later in December to get to a Burberry counter, and I so hope they have at least testers on counter.

  4. Hello Amy,
    I cannot believe how beautiful these colors look on you. I have such difficulty finding a nude color to go with my olive skin tone. Oxblood reminds me of POP Beauty Wine Wonder! Nevertheless, I must acquire a bottle to compare. However, not thrilled with the price/amount ratio. Thank you for such a wonderful post.


  5. OMG!!! The oxblood is so pretty. I super love the color for its just perfect. Wearing this nail color will def make any one look sexy.

  6. Hi Amy,

    I loved your post! I’ve been hoping to see the Burberry nail polishes in action, so it was a treat to see them here. I’m surprised they went with the wide brush (although personally I don’t mind wide vs. normal — they apply equally well). It’s a bit disappointing that so little product is offered — I wish they’d gone for a little more!

    I think Oxblood would have to be my favorite of the two here. I love love love dark reds. I’ve been wearing CHANEL Rouge Noir quite (swatched next to Oxblood) often lately 🙂

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