Dec 162013

Chanel Emotion01

A new blush is always cause for celebration, and we are celebrating Chanel Joues Contrast Emotion #87 ($43) (designated as “87” on Nordstrom’s site). This has the Chanel Powder texture and is made in France. Note that The Beauty Look Book’s reviews and comparisons are here.

Chanel Emotion02

Part of the reason that this blush is celebratory is its universality. It has enough color and tone to look good on a variety of skin-tones, from light to deep, as well as cool and warm. Also, the medium pink color will look good with a variety of looks and various situations.

Chanel Emotion03

Chanel Emotion is a deep pink-rose:

Chanel Emotion04

Chanel Emotion on Liz:

Chanel Emotion12

I do not have anything quite the same in my collection, so I did some random swatches so that you can place the color between plums and pinks. Here is Chanel Emotion compared to Chanel Plum Attraction, Illamasqua Chased, and Chanel Rose Temptation:

Emotion Chanel1

Overall, we’re applauding Chanel Emotion as a new addition to Chanel’s Joues Constraste line. True love!

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  3 Responses to “Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Emotion Review”

  1. OOO Emotion looks so amazing on Liz! I wasn’t all that sure about this one, but now I’ll have to swatch it!

  2. I ordered the minute I read Sabrina’s review on The Beauty Look Book. Wearing it today – it is a lovely color!

  3. Looks lovely, and when I saw it, it immediately made me think of Nars Mata Hari blush. Even when I know they have different textures, I guess I’ll have to swatch both to see if they are different enough to justify owning both.

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