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This review is an accompaniment to The Beauty Lookbook’s extensive look at Edward Bess Black Sea Mousse Foundation. This was sold in a set with a foundation brush exclusively on, and sold out very quickly. I’m hoping that it will be offered again, either on QVC or in another venue. This foundation is unusual in a few respects, and so I thought it was worth posting a few words in case it becomes available again (I don’t have any formal word either way).

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Because her review is so comprehensive, I won’t repeat everything that Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has already said.  As Sabrina notes, she was gifted all three shades of the foundation. Kind soul that she is, and I mean that sincerely, she in turn gifted the lightest one in 01 Fair to me so that I could try it out. I’m so glad that she did because I’ve never encountered such a full coverage foundation before which feels like absolutely nothing on my skin.

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This foundation is idea for imperfect skin, as it has anti-aging benefits. No concealers required with this formula. It covers absolutely everything, but aside from a refreshing feeling when it is first applied, it becomes quite weightless. It gave me a beautiful satin finish which lasted all day. I got a bit of breakthrough glow in the afternoon, but not nearly as much as some foundations. By the way, the included brush is a full-sized, synthetic fibre, gorgeous foundation brush that is right up there with Chanel and other premium brands.

Bess black sea foundation comparison07

Brush from the side, pictured below, to show you that this brush knows how to get into all of the contours of the face.

Bess black sea foundation comparison08

I applaud Edward Bess for including the brush. The first time I tried the foundation, I used my usual finger-application technique. Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this beautiful brush sitting on my counter saying “hint, hint, don’t you want to buff that in a bit more?” I found that using a brush to do so really gave me a much better, poreless textures. The brush was also useful for getting an invisible edge near my hairline.  So my advice is, use the brush if only to buff it in.  Ingredient list (click to enlarge):

Edward bess black sea ingredients Although Fair 01 looks a little dark in the pot, and a little deep in my arm swatch, it really seemed to color adjust to my actual skin tone when applied to my face.

Bess black sea foundation comparison1

Overall, I believe there are a lot of individuals who are looking for a very natural, very lightweight high coverage foundation. Most high coverage foundations look (and feel) like a mask. Edward Bess’ Black Sea Mousse foundation gives high coverage without the need to build up the product, and looked very skin like. The fact that it has skincare ingredients is a nice plus, although I’ll continue to use my regular routine. If applied carefully, this could go to medium and even light coverage if you use very very little because it spreads so nicely.  If this becomes available again, it’s worth checking out if these are the criteria which you have for a great, long wearing foundation. If you do get it, don’t follow my example–use your brush! 

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  8 Responses to “My Thoughts: Edward Bess Black Sea Mousse Foundation Review”

  1. I really loved that foundation, but it made me break out terribly (I am sensitive to silicones), so I had to return mine.

  2. Edward just said on Twitter today that this would be available at counters in April 2014.

    • Yup, I just found a post saying that it’s a QVC exclusive till April 12, 2014. Darn, Edward!

  3. Fair is definitely too dark for my winter skin tone, but it may be possible to pull it off in the summer when I’m a more neutral NW/C15. I get very brief forays into N18 range when I get a “tan” (I use that term loosely), and it would be nice to have a foundation on hand that can sheer out enough to work on those days. I’ll have to keep it in mind when it comes to stores. I’m not usually a fan of full coverage foundation, but this sounds like a great product. 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  4. A customer service representative at informed me that it’ll be available on QVC again on January 20th!

  5. This seems like a great product to try out. I like the coverage compared to others. I will def gonna check this out.

  6. this is interesting. it’s hard to find a good foundation in mousse format, although i’ve long found the texture is agrees with my skin. hope i can try this when it’s officially launched.

  7. It really lights up pinkish comparing with your other swatches…that is a good thing for the cooler toned ones as most foundation shades often tend to go yellow/warm

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