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First Look: Nars China Seas and Kauai Duo Eyeshadows

January 14, 2014

NARS Kaui Eyeshadow Duo2 copy

Nars has released some unbelievably beautiful eyeshadows for Spring 2014–Kauai and China Seas ($34 each). I hope they’ve made enough of these. They’re so gorgeous.  You can order them right now on NARS website, and they are up for backorder sale shipping 1/31/14 on Nordstrom.com. Particularly for Kauai, which is absolutely must-have in my opinion, I would get one as soon as circumstances allow.

NARS Kaui Eyeshadow Duo1

We’re seeing some stunning mettalics this season, and so far Nars Kauai is the most stunning of all. The soft cool gold metal can be buffed into the eye for a beautiful sheen. The multidimensional, complex purple on the right provides a stunning accompaniament in the crease.

NARS Kaui Eyeshadow Duo5

Here are some very quick arm-swatches, which do not do justice to the beauty of these shades. I’ve found that the best way to use these is with a flat-paddle shaped brush (similar to this one). You don’t need to place much on the brush. Then buff, buff, buff the shade into your lid in a back and forth, windshield-wiper motion. This prevents migration and fall-out. These colors are so complex and vibrant, you still retain much of the complexity and sheen. I used these with Nars eyeshadow primer for wear that only began fading after a 14-hour work day (no creasing either). This is a dream duo, the colors are so elegant. The gold is not too warm, and the purple goes violet on my lid and brings out the green in my eyes. I love, love, love Nars Kauai.

NARS China Sea Duo1

China Seas is an unusual combination of two incredible shades. The light blue is a pretty, complex, and yet not overpowering shade. The red-purple is a deep and mysterious color that I cannot imagine finding anywhere else. The combination of the two is brilliant.  Who else but Francois Nars would imagine that these work together as well as they (in fact) do?

NARS China Sea Duo3

Both shades are beautifully pigmented, but can be sheered out for a less dramatic effect. They are complex satin shimmers. I’ve been pairing the right red-violet shade with a taupe-mauve in the crease. As the weather warms and the sun begins shining again, I’ll add the blue shade under the eye together with a cool bronzer.

NARS China Sea Duo5

Here are the shades applied a touch sheerly (they can be built up to full force easily enough). You can see that they have a slight duo chrome effect that is simply stunning.

Nars Kaui and China Seas1 copy

I was so excited about both of these duos that I could not wait to post these swatches. I urge you not to let these go without picking them up, or at least a good look as they begin to arrive at counters. Both are absolutely stunning.

Available at Nordstrom.com and  NARS website, and other Nars counters and boutiques.

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  • Sunny January 14, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    Kauai is the first NARS duo since Paramaribo that has really spoken to me! Look at that pewter/antique gold!

  • Eileen January 15, 2014 at 10:54 am

    Gold and purple is a beautiful combination in all its iterations. This duo by NARS looks like a lighter and slightly cooler version of Guerlain’s duo in Two Gossip–a duo that I’ve worn frequently this winter. As for the China Seas, that one looks more unusual. I’d love to see what can be done with it. I guess I’ll have to arrange a play date at my local counter 🙂

    • Amy January 15, 2014 at 2:01 pm

      Thank you Eilieen. I’m wondering about the difference in texture between Guerlain and Nars (the Two Violets/Kauai). I’ll have to play the next time I get to the counters. Also, I’m really enjoying China Seas grounded with a gray-matte-taupe in the crease. I think during the spring/summer, I won’t need to ground the colors anymore and I can use more the blue. The violet in China Seas is so outstanding. Enjoy and let us know what you find? 🙂

  • Erin January 18, 2014 at 3:12 am

    Kauai is so beautiful! I’ve got green eyes but am N/NW in skintone. These don’t look too cool or too warm either way. It’s the standout spring item out of all the big HE collections for me and probably the only one I will buy.