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Narsissist Palette01

NARS is knocking it out of the park right now. This is a first look at the Narsissist Eye Palette ($79/0.03 oz.), an incredible palette of 15 high-quality, NARS-quality shades. This is currently for sale now sold out on Nars website, and will soon be available from other Nars sources. The official release date for department and speciality stores is February 1st. I’m so glad that this palette exists–this is so beautiful and well done. Yes, I know that we’re seeing a wealth of neutral palettes right now from Smashbox, MAC, Urban Decay. But since I first dipped a brush into All About Eve, I’ve loved the quality of Nars eyeshadows and this palette delivers a rich source of beautiful neutrals all in one place, at a remarkably low price point (given the high quality level). The press materials list this as limited edition.

Narsissist Palette04a

I’ve been playing with this for a few days, and I’ve fallen in love with it. How easy is it to use this palette every morning, 4-5 days a week? Which palette should I take to that multi-day conference, where there are both daytime and evening events? Which single eyeshadow item is going to slide into the side of a carryon, yet is sturdy enough to arrive safely, uncrushed? (The outer dimensions are roughly 6 1/2″ x 3 1/4″) In addition to the ultra-large mirror, there really cannot be a question–the Narsissist palette delivers it all.

Narsissist Palette05a

  Some might think that the lighter shades are too light (or nude), and the darker shades too dark. Keep in mind that Nars truly does design from all skin tones, as the line that brought us everything from All About Eve to the deep Brousse, and so many shades in between. I believe that 100% of the users of this palette will be able to use 80-100% of the shades.

Narsissist Palette14The shades included are NARS neutral classics, which are:  All About Eve, Madrague, Fez, Bali, Coconut Grove, Madrague ll, Nepal, Ashes to Ashes, Brousse, Mekong, Bellissima, Lhasa, Bad Behavior, Dogon, and Pandora.

Narsissist Palette18

 Here are swatches of the top row, a highly usable set of almost every shade of browns. Many of these run warm:

Narsissist Palette25

The second row, which has some unbelievable cool shades. So pretty!:

Narsissist Palette24

The bottom row, which has some epic shades with beautiful depth:

Narsissist Palette21

These swatches aren’t ideal, as they were taking as the sun was getting low and the lighting is warm. Nonetheless, the swatches show the beautiful range and depth of this palette. Really, this is epic. I’m hoping to post some updates soon. The release date for department and specialty stores is February 1st. For now, the palette is up for sale on Nars website, Right now there is free shipping with any order, and this palette is over the minimum for free ship on the site year-round. Up until February 1, 2014, you can get a free mini Super Orgasm blush with the code JANMINI14.

 NARS sent this palette to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup)

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  20 Responses to “First Look: Narsissist Eye Palette”

  1. Ahhh so here’s the thing: I almost never ever use my big palettes, so I don’t buy any anymore. However, once in a while when I see a good one (like THIS), I am still really, really tempted! I like how the shades are organized in the palette. Takes a lot of guesswork out of what pairs well with what!

    • I’m the same way, I never ever use my big palettes, they go straight into the museum. However. I was sorely tempted by images of this palette…. but then after looking at the swatches… they seem too nude, and too matte for me. 🙁 Guess I need to find a way to swatch this in person before making up my mind!

  2. Im obsessed with anything NARS does, but for some reason I’m not completely excited about this palette. The colors are just OK and as you and others have stated, some of the colors are way too light. Oh well 🙁
    Thanks for the review!

    • I don’t understand the ‘way too light’ thing, I used two light shades yesterday and they transformed my lids. Keep in mind, I’m the kind of person who held off buying All About Eve for two years, then when I bought and used it realized it was worth every penny.

      Additionally, those subtle light mattes shades are everything if you are balancing a shimmer or darker color, or wearing the palette with a strong lip. I find them essential additions for a fully usable, versatile palette.

      I think I first learned the magic of the lighter mattes in Paris, when a Chanel sales associate literally insisted that I buy one to go with a dramatic dark shimmer taupe single. He looked so relieved when I said “I’ll take the light one, too.” It wasn’t a price thing, it was a “okay, she understands what I’m saying” moment. Maybe it’s just me, but I use those subtle light color staples shades up.

      Again, this is just my own perspective. To me, those light shades are really, really important for balance, versatility, or for subtlety if you choose to use it that way. That’s the thoughtfulness that sets this neutral palette apart.

      • The other good thing about having a number of light shades is that you’ll never run out of base/allover and highlight colors, as has been my frequent experience with other palettes. These dark shades are so wonderfully pigmented that you may hit pan on the lighter shades before you even put a dent in the dark ones.

        This is a definite purchase for me, so glad I held out on the various Nakeds.

        Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  3. oo! I love this palette. It looks like it would go perfectly with my green/grey eyes!

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on this! I truly love NARS and this is such a great little compact palette that’s a perfect introduction to their range.

  5. I’m so frustrated–I can’t find this anywhere! I think both NARS and Nordstrom have taken it off their websites. Guess I’ll have to be patient and wait for it to show up in stores….?

    • I just called the Nordstrom Beauty Hotline to check. She said they are not able to sell it online or in stores until Feb. 1st, which is consistent with the Nars Press release. She suggested a pre-order with a counter. I asked whether these palettes would come back online, and she said they would. So that’s the word from one phone call. I hope she’s got it right, because it is so easy to order these online.

      I think if we all keeps our eyes open, we’ll be able to catch them. Nars is sold at Neimans, Barneys (free ship, like Nordstrom), and Sephora. I think the trick is that if you find it in stock, don’t wait long to order it. I’m surprised it is sold out of Nars.com already (it only went online 1/15/14). I hope this helps.

      • Thanks, Amy, it does! 🙂

        I went to my local NARS counter today and asked them to give me a ring when it’s in. I just envy those lucky few who were apparently able to order it early online!

  6. Looks beautiful!

  7. I just ordered this the other day thru a friend and now I can’t find it anywhere on the NARS website. I think it sold out already. I’m thankful I had the time to buy it early.

  8. this is a well put-together palette and I agree with the verdict – 100% users will be able to use 80-100% of the shades here. I wish they’d come out with new shades next time rather than a hybrid of all existing shades 😀 altho this one is good for NARS beginners.

  9. I picked up the palette last night at Nordstrom! They are going like hotcakes. It is gorgeous.

    • Thanks! My local Nordstrom store is doing pre-orders now. They’ll ring up and ship on February 2nd. In this mid-sized city, this counter got 18 pieces and they are about 1/2 committed to pre-sale customers right now.

      So, call your counters to pre-purchase if you know you’ll be wanting this palette.

      • You’re very welcome. Nordstrom is also having their Winter Beauty Event in stores. $125 to get two makeup bags, from Nordstrom, not the counter, nothing special with either, and a 3 piece GWP from NARS: mini Gold Digger Larger than Life lipgloss, mini Pro Prime Light Optimizing Primer, and travel size Luminous Moisture Cream.
        Not all counters are participating and the GWPs seem to be put together by the counter managers, so your GWP may be different depending on the store. As usual, you get the makeup bags for a $125 purchase, no matter how many brands you purchase and then the GWPs are for counter specific purchases of $125. Chanel was not participating, but Dior and YSL were. I did not stop by any other counters.

  10. go watch this and then decide………https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39Hzp1RD3Q8

    I thought this was a brilliant review.

    • Wow, I had a completely opposite experience with mine. I’m using the Wayne Goss eye brushes with it and some Chanel and MAC brushes as well. I found the pigment was excellent–the dark shades were super pigmented and rich. I don’t really understand her review at all. I haven’t watched the you tuber’s video’s before, so maybe I don’t have a sense of her priorities or style.

      Maybe her impression of quality is different than mine. I’d really regret missing this one.

  11. Amy: Thank you SO MUCH for alerting us that it can be purchased other places Feb 1. I am heartbroken that it is sold out on the Nars site, so I browsed EBay and its $110.00 and up. Yowsa. I’ll be at Nordies’s Feb 1 instead. Thanks!

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