Feb 142014

NARS Matte Multiple Campaign Image - jpeg

NARS is set to release a set of seven matte Multiples ($39 each). These are a mix of bronzy and vibrant colors for lips and cheeks. These are said to have build able, long-lasting hydrating color that can be applied either dry (for a soft yet vibrant matte effect) or wet (for a vivid finish that melts into skin). These will be online at Nars.com and Nars Boutiques. These should be at other stores later on.

NARS Matte Multiple Stylized Group Shot - jpeg

  • ANGUILLA Ginger pink
  • EXUMAS Pink apricot
  • SIAM Poppy red
  • LAOS Rose coral
  • ALTAI Rose bronze
  • VIENTIANE Copper bronze
  • CAPPADOCE Golden bronze

Nars Matte Multiple all colors

Some of these have been used during the recent New York Fashion Week. For example, Anguilla Matte Multiples was used at Rodarte F/W ’14 together with a not-yet-released Fall Nars Unlawful blush.


And here’s a little video to get us all psyched for the release:

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  5 Responses to “Preview: NARS Matte Multiple Collection”

  1. hi amy! i just loved that video but, it goes too fast! i wanted them to zoom in on her face longer but, maybe that was intentional?! that model is leonardo dicaprio’s (not a fan of his,sure i spelled his name wrong) girlfriend so, i’ve seen lots of images with the swimcap on. it looks like a very neutral collection although, the color in my monitor could be off. i really never payed attention to nars cosmetics until seeing your posts. i’m wondering if this collection is more “subdued” compared to his vivids from past collections? anyway, i was not thrilled with spring collections but, i’m soooo ready for summers!! xxx

    • …..or are the different shades of multiples used to create that look? can you put them on the eyes? xxx

      • The promo material does not say “eyes,” but I suspect that they have used them on the model. Just a guess. The tones on the model’s eyes seem to mirror the nude shades. Having said that, we’ll have to see when the samples come through. I don’t know if there are eye-safe, or there are creasing issues if placed on the lids. That video does go quickly!!

  2. I’m so excited about these. I have high hopes and cannot wait to hear your thoughts when you test these 🙂

  3. Thank God you guys are back! I was hopping I’d see you on twitter when you were back, but glad I checked the site!

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