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This is a quick little post to highlight some lip products that I’ve been enjoying from Bite Beauty. A relative newcomer in the beauty world, they’ve been generating some good buzz.  Still, I wasn’t sure whether I’d love them too. I’ve been intrigued by their display at Sephora, and thought that my winter-battered lips could benefit from their TLC.

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Few lipsticks last for hours on me, and some more emollient formulas certainly benefit from having a good base to help their staying power. The Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer ($22.00) was a good problem solver. The product comes housed in a matte dark gray tube.

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The product is clear and does not cause the lipstick to color shift. The tip is pointed, so that you can get a good sharp line (there’s a sharpener in the back to keep the point fresh). There is a slight mint scent, which fades after a few minutes.

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Ingredient list (click to enlarge):


Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer does deliver. It probably doubled my wear time, and had a slightly moisturizing formula that is kind to lips. It has a slightly tacky, matte feel that allows lipstick to grip and hold on longer. I liked the easy packaging, and the easy twist-up formula that allows the product to be used quickly and easily during quick day-to-night changes.

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I thought that the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask ($26) was extraordinary. This rich conditioner was both pleasant and transformative in its effect. It’s a youth-giver for dehydrated lips, delivering a clear satin-glow that makes lips looks beautifully healthy.

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This comes in a sealed tube, similar to a small toothpaste tube. The product is clear, and can be used under lipstick (some matte formulas really need something). This has a very slightly sweet taste that lasts for a bit, but it’s subtle and sort of pleasant. For what it’s worth, I find this tube formula is more friendly to bringing along in a makeup bag (compared to pots, which seem to have lids that can loosen and cause all kinds of shenanigans inside a bag). Ingredient list (click to enlarge):


Overall, I found both Bite Beauty products impressive. The Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask gave me the most impressive results, although the Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer is a good practical product that fills a good niche–that is, for a clear, pleasant, primer that can form a good base for lipsticks.

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  7 Responses to “Bite Beauty Lip Primer and Agave Lip Mask Reviews: One is Extraordinary”

  1. I love the agave lip mask. I use it on top of my lipsticks and it’s sublime on its own. On Sephora this lip mask has close to 500 reviews lol. It’s certainly getting a lot of attention. You should try the crème lip crayons too.

  2. I’ve never thought of using a lip mask. I just go over my lips with any moisture mask I have or I’ll use REN masks on my lips for only a minute or two. Next time I get to Sephora I’ll be asking for a sample!

  3. I wish I had seen this before I went to Sephora today! I was thinking my lips need some extra help this winter, I think I could get a lot of use out of both of these. I have the Bite lipstick that was for the VIB Rouge, absolutely love the color and the feel on the lips and their lip crayons are good as well.

  4. I wish I read your review earlier, as my friend was in the Sates last week and brought me some beauty products. I was curious about Bite, but did not get anything this time. By the way, I did buy Josie Maran’s argan oil because of your review and love it, so thank you!

    • Thank you gorgeous! I’m still using the Argan Oil twice a day. I bought the larger size now. I’ve given away two trial sizes to friends to try as well. I’m glad you are enjoying it too!

  5. I think I should get that lip mask to use on clients before I do their makeup. Looks like a nice delivery system to keep it sanitary, and it sounds like it will do the trick well with hydrating before lipstick without messing up the color.

  6. Dang it! ANOTHER LINE using castor and lanolin in their products. That’s too bad because up til I read that, I was sold.

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