Mar 292014

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set01Makeup artist Wayne Goss is one of the few Youtuber’s that I watch with some regularity (link to his channel is here). Although I don’t love all of his advice, I’ve picked up some tips over the years and I know that he loves some of the brands that I do (hello, Tom Ford!) Over the past several months, he’s launched a brush line that is available on Beautylish in the U.S. (and internationally on Love Make Up). Here it is (click to enlarge):

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set21It’s a little frustrating to buy these, because unless you frequent conferences like IMATS (I don’t), you can’t see them in person before you buy. Fortunately, Goss does videos that demonstrate them. Also, the people at Beautylish have been sort of wonderful about answering questions. They’ve played with them, know the line, and can actually tell you about them before you buy. Also, Color Me Loud did a good comprehensive review of his original set that I found very useful prior to ordering.

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set23

Goss is self-funding the launches, and he’s putting them out in phases. His first launch, brushes 1 through 8, have been a genuine pleasure to use. They’re said to be extremely high quality, made in Japan of squirrel hair, and they act like it. My eyeshadows have a depth and subtlety that I didn’t know they possessed. They wash and dry beautifully. They are well-balanced, well-designed, and have an intuitive sense of how skin and makeup are supposed to interact. At some point, I hope to post a review of them.  For now, I do concur with some other bloggers assessment, however, that the original eight-piece collection did not have a sufficiently large face brush.


 This month, Wayne Goss launched a Face Brush set (brushes 10-15) that I picked up when it went online for sale. As you can see from the above, these brushes are much larger in scale compared to the original eight. According to this introductory video, these brushes are mainly goat hair. Here’s a closer look at these five Wayne Goss brushes from his new set:

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set08

Brush 10 is a large white duo-fiber.

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set09

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set02 brush 10

Brush 11 is slightly flattened powder brush, that will work well for blush.

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set10

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set11

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set03 brush 11

Brush 12 is a dense, short, slightly flattened brush that’s extremely soft (well, they are all extremely soft). The important thing about Brush 12 is that the softness is combined with a density that makes it great for highlighting and contouring. Also, I live for brushes like Brush 12 because they are genius for softly-pigmented blushes.

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set12

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set13

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set04 brush 12

Brush 13 has a round, semi-dense, domed configuration that is not quite as dense as brush 12. This is good for powders, and general multitasker. This is the Wayne Goss version of the Armani blush brush, which has been my go-to powder brush for the past year or so. The Goss #13 is smaller, softer, and a bit more dense than Armani’s blush brush.

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set14

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set15

wayne goss brush 131

If Brush 14 were not in the set, I would not have ordered it separately. It’s a soft, floppy, long-haired, narrow brush that is said to be helpful for adding small, layered powders. I suspect that I’ll use this mostly to add color-correcting powders to small areas of the face over my foundation, so in the end I’m glad to have it. If you powder over your concealer (I don’t), then this would work well.

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set16

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set17

 Brush 15 is a fan brush. I do not currently own any fan brushes, because I understand that people use them when they want highlighter to be very, very, very subtle. I do not understand those people. Personally, I’d prefer to glow like one of the stars on Nashville. Have you noticed on that show that the supporting cast never wears highlighter? I have. Anyway, I have subtle non-sparkling highlighters so I would just use those on my “supporting cast” days. Here is brush 15:

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set18

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set19

Wayne Goss Face Brush Set07

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently became a Google Glass Explorer. It’s been a life long dream of mine to take pictures directly with my eyes, without the use of a cumbersome camera. So, now I have my superpower. Ten minutes after I first wore my Glass, I did this video. In fact, in the first scene you can see a lot of Glass boxes and cases sitting around (as well as some kerfuffle for our upcoming move).  I pretty clearly don’t know what I’m doing yet (I’ll learn, I promise). Anyway, I thought it might be useful see see them in a video.

Watch on Google Plus:

To watch in a link:  New Project 4 (Half size)

Thank you for reading! This post contains one affiliate link (to the Armani brush)(for more information, see About Cafe Makeup). I received no endorsement, kudos or money from the Goss brushes.



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Mar 282014

MAC Patentpolish1a

MAC is just releasing a series of limited edition Patentpolish Pencils ($20 each), which are due at counters next week. The line describes the formula as a twist-up pencil that “instantly achieves a luscious shine with a single swipe” that stay “bright and true.” I was hoping that these would be hydrating, sheer colors similar to the MAC Huggables which I fell in love with earlier this year (I’m still using a number of those in my weekly rotation). When these came up online last week, I ordered four–Innocent (nude), Kittenish (a sheer light pink), Spontaneous (a medium pink-mauve) and Hopelessly Devoted (a soft medium pink).

MAC Patentpolish2

These are scented and apply well in a single coat, but I built them up for several swipes. They feel a bit sticky, and need a good minute to warm up on the lips before they look polished. The wear time is short (at least for me). The colors are rather one-note. You won’t find the complexity that we see in other lines in these youth-friendly colors. Although these are advertised as glossy, I found that their texture settled into a satin.

MAC Patentpolish4

Innocent went on frosty at first, but settled down into color that lightened the natural color of my lips a few steps.

MAC Patentpolish6

Kittenish was my favorite of these, which became a pretty light soft pink color.

MAC Patentpolish5

Spontaneous was a deeper version of Kittenish (if you get one, you won’t need the other).

MAC Patentpolish3

Hopelessly Devoted was a slightly bright cool pink. Swatches:

MAC Patentpolish7

Personally, I think that the MAC Patentpolish are a bit of an interesting formula. They are balm-like without being terribly moisturizing. Despite the stickiness, they aren’t very long-lasting. Of course, your mileage may vary on all these points. I found that the colors were universally flattering, but not very unique. The colors are simple in their tones–you don’t have any interest mixes of cools/warms or the like. I can see these being very swipe-and-go for the spring and summer months. Still, at the $20/tube price point, I think I’ll keep looking for my ideal summer shades.

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Mar 252014

Chanel Rouge Allure Charmeuse and Fleurie ($34 each/exclusive to have been in my review queue and it is certainly time to post some information about these lovely shades. You can see other blogger reviews at The Beauty Look Book and Temptalia. Both are beautiful, brightening colors from the Jardin de Camelias collection.

Chanel Spring 2014 Lipsticks05

Chanel Fleurie is a medium cool rose with subtle sparkle. The formula is creamy and moisturizing. Fleurie is a color that is near-opaque in one coat, and certainly fully opaque in two. Because of the lovely Chanel formula, there is plenty of rich pigment and so there is no caking effect with the buildup of color.

Chanel Spring 2014 Lipsticks06

Chanel Fleurie on Liz:

Chanel Fleurie on Liz1

Here are some quick comparisons with Chanel Jersey Rose, Chanel Rouge Allure Seduirsante and Chanel Confidentielle:

Chanel Spring 2014 Lipsticks11

Chanel Charmeuse is a soft nude cream without sparkle. This color is slightly sheer.

Chanel Spring 2014 Lipsticks04

Chanel Charmeuse on Liz. You can see that, because of the formula’s sheerness, some of Liz’s natural pink lip color shows through. As I’m sure you’ve already surmised, Chanel Charmeuse a difficult color to offer as an online-only product. It is difficult to predict how this color will look with your individual coloring because it cannot be played with at counters. Personally, I am pleased with the color but caution that you take our swatches with a grain of salt.

Chanel fleurie Charmeuse2a

Here are some quick swatch comparisons with Chanel Rouge Allure Mythic and Chanel Rouge Coco Patchoulli:

Chanel Spring 2014 Lipsticks12

Overall, both Chanel Fleurie and Charmeuse are beautiful colors. I seriously love the Chanel Rouge Allure formula, and so both of these are winners for me.

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Mar 232014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “Here’s Three Things” post, so I thought I’d give it a try. Life’s been very busy these last several weeks, and I’m making quite a bit of progress in my off-the-blog life. At the same time, I’ve been watching the new releases with interest and should have some good things to share over the coming weeks.

1.  What’s in your baggie? Here’s what’s in mine…. I’ve been traveling pretty extensively, refining my beauty routine down to the quick. Those breakfast meetings on the East Coast come awfully early when your plane lands late the night before and you are running on California time. On Twitter, Marina at Makeup 4 All asked whether I could do a look with five (5) items. Her question made me think hard about whether I could (and should) simplify my makeup for those uber-early occasions. I’m happy to report that this little system worked for me.

5 Things

  • A long wearing foundation:  Pictured here is Chanel Perfection Lumiere (shades swatched here), which has a matte finish that eliminates the need for a powder for much of the day. Another good option is Burberry Velvet Fluid Foundation (all shades swatched here). If I’m going strictly carry-on, I’d switch to the more baggy-friendly Nars Tinted Moisturizer, which has a squeeze tube and a touch stronger sunscreen.
  • A good, dependable mascara:  Pictured here is Guerlain Le 2. It gives me a good precise application, never flakes, and leaves my lashes feeling curled and flexible. (Score another point for eliminating the need for an eyelash curler).
  • A good pen liner:  I’ve used Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er in this picture, but I’ve also used Nars Stylo as well.  On some occasions, I’ve eliminated any liner from my bag completely. Then, I bring a push brush (like this one from Laura Mercier).  To line, I just push the brush onto my mascara wand and line my lids as normal.  This makes room for an all-purpose concealer (usually MAC Pro Longwear, which can be used for both face and under eye) and, as the name suggests, does last well.
  • A good lipstick/gloss:  Here, I’ve pictured Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss which is always fabulous. Your taste may vary.
  • A multi-tasking blush: This Nars Multiple in Maui (or alternatively, Malibu). These can be dabbed on cheeks for a blush, and dabbed on lips for a touch of color. Another nice option are the Chanel cream blushes (some are swatched here), because their slim compact and finger-friendly application makes them foolproof.

Sometimes I slip some skincare samples, as well as one envelope of the Dr. Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta peels in the mix to do late-night facials as I catch up on work back at the hotel in the evenings.

Dr Gross Alpha Beta Peel7

 2. In the spirit of Spring Break, March Madness, and Gifts for Grads:  The very lovely Masik perfumes sent us three collegiate fragrances. In case you don’t know, these fragrances are designed by Katie Masik, intended to evoke the memory-scent and spirit of different colleges throughout the U.S. ($39 each). These are eau de perfums –still, a little goes a long way. You do not need a full spray to get a full, lasting scent.

masik perfume

I can say that these would be lovely for a college-aged student, or a true fan of any of the schools (trust me, I’ve seen alum on game day all decked out in school colors, why not fragrance?)  I liked University of Kentucky’s the best–it was  a powdery soft floral, with a touch of apple and plum.  Penn State’s was a spicy floral with a pleasant mix of rose, lilac and jasmine. For the orange and green of the University of Florida (go Gators!) I received the men’s version, which is a bright, spicy scent with orange, musk and mint.

Masik college

Although these can be purchased from Masik’s website, Cafe Makeup is pleased to send out these exact sample bottles that we received free of charge (each has been spritzed once or twice) to the first person from any of those three schools with an email with one of the three school’s “.edu” address.  So if you’re a Wildcat, Nittany Lion, or a Gator, just leave a comment using your  “.edu” email address in the comment section. Don’t worry, your email is only visible to us and won’t be publicly displayed.

3. Get to a spaaaaaa! I have to admit, this time on the road has left me wanting to have an at-home spa day more than once. Some scrubs can feel harsh or abrasive. I was pleasantly surprised by this Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Tea Whipped Body Polish ($34 for 12 oz. tub).

FHF Sweet Tea Scrub1

Although I expected the texture of this to be grating, in fact it was very soft and moisturizing. The Sweet Tea scent was calming and soft, not at all strong.

FHF Sweet Tea Scrub3


The scent faded as soon as the scrub was washed away, so that it didn’t interfere with my fragrance du jour.

FHF Sweet Tea Scrub label1

Well, those are my thoughts of the day. Oh, and also in the meantime, I’ve become a Google Glass Explorer. I’ve been playing with the concept of using them to do some brush reviews to start. Would you watch a video brush review? If so, would you want both a full review with stills on the blog and video? Let me know?

The Masik Fragrances and the Farmhouse Fresh scrub were sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains some affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup)

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Mar 232014

Guerlain Attrape Couer3

We recently picked up Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Attrape Coeur ($36), a moisturizing medium pink with a touch of coral that is lovely for Spring and Summer. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue (free shipping w/code FREESHIP) and Nordstrom (free ship, no code), this color is a pretty, wear-with-everything color that you will not want to miss.

Guerlain Attrape Couer4

This applies sheerly in a single coat, and can be built up for a stronger color.

Guerlain Attrape Couer5

Guerlain Attrape Coeur on Liz:

Guerlain Attrape Coeur on Liza

Here are a few comparison swatches with the light, cool Chanel Magnolia and Chanel Rouge Coco Taffetas Rose:

Guerlain Attrape Couer1 swatches

It seems like light, glowing color is the best look for Spring. Overall, we love the soft pretty wearable Guerlain Attrape Coeur.

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue (free shipping w/code FREESHIP) and Nordstrom (free ship always).

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see About Cafe Makeup

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