A note from cafe makeup1

Over the years, some readers have asked us about our picture taking set-up. I’ve always warned that our set up is a little “experimental,” sometimes we wander the house and yard in search of the best lighting. Above, you can see our little lip-swatching assembly line. We have our lipsticks along our bathtub counter, Liz’s cell phone standing by for on-the-fly Instagram updates, and our labradoodle Sherman to keep everyone company. It’s a little rickety some times, as we find ourselves balancing on stair landings and tables propped up in the backyard.


On another note, thank you to our readers for hanging in there while we’ve both been so very busy over the last several months. We’ve both been focusing on career issues that will lead me toward a major geographic move during this calendar year. The task of attempting to ready our home for a move is daunting and moving quickly. As part of this clearing out effort, I’m putting some items up for sale on a Cafe Makeup Blogsale page.


Because of the volume and my schedule, I’ll be posting some items on Cafe Makeup’s blogsale for only a few days and only to U.S. buyers. Unfortunately, I cannot devote the time to doing custom forms and the like. After that point, I’m putting the items on eBay under my username “buttercup5405.” Yes, LOL, I realize that’s a silly name. When I first joined eBay, I used my actual name. That’s how the Internet was back then. When I realized that was not a good idea, I randomly chose that name in a hurried moment. After that, I’m hoping to put up more batches of items, so keep checking back occasionally.

Chanel Fall 2

We’re hoping that Cafe Makeup will continue over the coming years and be stronger than ever. It will be a wonderful way to have continuity in our lives as we move forward through this wonderful and exciting year of change.

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