Mar 282014

MAC Patentpolish1a

MAC is just releasing a series of limited edition Patentpolish Pencils ($20 each), which are due at counters next week. The line describes the formula as a twist-up pencil that “instantly achieves a luscious shine with a single swipe” that stay “bright and true.” I was hoping that these would be hydrating, sheer colors similar to the MAC Huggables which I fell in love with earlier this year (I’m still using a number of those in my weekly rotation). When these came up online last week, I ordered four–Innocent (nude), Kittenish (a sheer light pink), Spontaneous (a medium pink-mauve) and Hopelessly Devoted (a soft medium pink).

MAC Patentpolish2

These are scented and apply well in a single coat, but I built them up for several swipes. They feel a bit sticky, and need a good minute to warm up on the lips before they look polished. The wear time is short (at least for me). The colors are rather one-note. You won’t find the complexity that we see in other lines in these youth-friendly colors. Although these are advertised as glossy, I found that their texture settled into a satin.

MAC Patentpolish4

Innocent went on frosty at first, but settled down into color that lightened the natural color of my lips a few steps.

MAC Patentpolish6

Kittenish was my favorite of these, which became a pretty light soft pink color.

MAC Patentpolish5

Spontaneous was a deeper version of Kittenish (if you get one, you won’t need the other).

MAC Patentpolish3

Hopelessly Devoted was a slightly bright cool pink. Swatches:

MAC Patentpolish7

Personally, I think that the MAC Patentpolish are a bit of an interesting formula. They are balm-like without being terribly moisturizing. Despite the stickiness, they aren’t very long-lasting. Of course, your mileage may vary on all these points. I found that the colors were universally flattering, but not very unique. The colors are simple in their tones–you don’t have any interest mixes of cools/warms or the like. I can see these being very swipe-and-go for the spring and summer months. Still, at the $20/tube price point, I think I’ll keep looking for my ideal summer shades.

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  7 Responses to “My Thoughts: MAC Patentpolish Pencils”

  1. Hi Amy,

    What a fun post to see on a Saturday! I’m liking the subtle pinks of MAC Spontaneous and Kittenish here 🙂

  2. Lovely little lip products- I like their easy application. Too bad they aren’t too long lasting. And that the colors aren’t that great

  3. Hi Amy! Did you notice any difference between Mac’s and Clinique’s chubbystick ? Xo

    • I know that these are not traditional chubby sticks–the formula is very stiff, like a balm that has a super stiff formula. It’s not like a traditional pencil color at all.

  4. I wasn’t too impressed by these at other sites I saw them swatched on. I think the colors that I did like are dupable in better formulas!

  5. I thought these would be way more sheer but I am loving them and they have a lot more color than I was expecting. The perfect mix of color and balm!!

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