May 112014

Here’s what three things I’m obsessed with this week…. 1. The Clio Awards:  Anyone who watches “Mad Men” knows that ad agencies have the Oscars-like excellence awards called The Clios.  Recently, the organization posted its picks for 2014 populated by many fashion and beauty brands, including this ad for Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Mascara:

I  thought this one for Hermes Sport was charming:

Chanel won an award for its Inside Chanel series–here’s just one from this multi-part series:

2. Print Your Own Makeup: Will 3D printer technology advance to the point where we no longer need makeup companies and can be our own artists? Will one day we be swapping formulas, color story ideas, and how to get just the right color lipstick for to enhance our own original beauty? Dare to dream, this recent announcement sheds some hope!

b455d840-d61c-11e3-9b45-8b9569144a85_Bm7PscLCEAA2_0cAnd I thought that I was becoming high-tech by buying the Sephora by OPI gel light yesterday, to save my nails from the many trials of nail care on the road. If true, I cannot wait to experiment with 3D printing for beauty.

I’d be the very first to sign up.

zuca 3.Makeup for the Long-Term Traveller:  As regular readers may know, I’m in a travel transition mode to the East Coast. I’m currently living in temporary quarters until my home back East is ready. As you know, it’s not just makeup but skincare, nails, brushes, hair products and tools. Oh, my! Zuca bag2 Given the length of time that I’ll be unsettled, I gave up on my dream of living out of a small makeup bag for the next few months. I love what I use, and know from my months in Paris that I want plenty of choices when I can get them. I  decided to go with a Zuca Artist rolling bag. It has side pockets galore and opens in the front like a refrigerator (but isn’t nearly as big, I promise!) Zuca bag1 The system uses a series of smaller inserts that allow me to categorizes things easily. All in all, I’m finding this a lovely solutions. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to know more about this, and I can do a review of the bag. This post includes an affiliate link (see About Cafe Makeup)

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  1. Hi Amy-
    Thank you for posting the inside Chanel clip. I missed it!
    Can’t wait to see what Uncle Karl does for Chanel Resort tonight in Dubai!
    I’m looking forward to some interesting makeup!
    Good luck with your move.

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