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This summer, Nars has released the Adult Swim collection. Never afraid of a little edge, Francois Nars had added some quirky–yet surprisingly workable–eyeshadow duos to his line. One is Nars Lost Coast ($35), a duo that excels because of its subtleness. This is All About Eve with a twist because the effect is brightening, illuminating, and enhancing of one’s own natural beauty.

Nars Summer Eyeshadow Duos13This duo has a soft brown-beige and a cool soft lavender. This one is very easy to miss-but don’t. The magic is in the application. It doesn’t get any more daytime-friendly.  Other makeup companies just don’t do this enough–Nars seems to know how to design colors that do not look like they should work together, yet somehow do in a really beautiful way.

Nars Summer Eyeshadow Duos18Here is Nars Lost Coast applied lightly on Liz. Here, she simply applied the beige shade, then added the pink shade directly over the beige:

nars Lost coast close up a

This adds a touch of mauve shimmer to Liz’s lids, which is both flattering, simple, and sort of genius:

lost coast a

Nars Tropical Princess ($35) is a high-metal modern duo that combines silver-white and chartreuse. Okay, this is going to sound odd but ever since I’ve seen a punk revival, I’ve been hoping for a really good chartreuse. You know, there are days when I just get really really tired of rules, in general. Tropical Princess  is remarkable for its formulation–in other lines, shades this light tend to look cakey or frosted.  Somehow, the pigment in Tropical Princess stays true-to-texture with a super-light coating of powder. It seems a little magic, but I suspect that Francois Nars was very precise and demanding in this formulation. Tropical Princess does some amazing things with its high-reflectivity with a remarkably thin layer of powder. Something about this formula is just right for using a very subtle touch of this electric shade.

Nars Summer Eyeshadow Duos03This one is pure fun. Tropical Princes in the light:

Nars Summer Eyeshadow Duos11Nars did a gorgeous video using this duo–really, if you need a touch of metal in your makeup wardrobe this is truly a “best in class” beautiful and unusual duo of this summer.

Swatches of all shades:

Nars summer duosa1Bottom line–Nars Lost Coast is not to be missed. If you have a touch of rebellion in you, pick up Tropical Princess as well. These shades are available at Nars online site, Nordstrom, Barneys, and coming soon to Sephora. If you order from Nars online, you can  receive a Complimentary mini Laguna Bronzer with any purchase with the code MAYMINI14 at checkout.

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  9 Responses to “Nars Adult Swim: Lost Coast and Tropical Princess Eyeshadow Duos”

  1. Very pretty! I see other items from the collection on Sephora’s website, but not these duos. Do you know when they will be available there? Thanks!

    • That’s a great question. I’m getting reports that it’s at Sephora stores under a different name. I’m not sure when it will show up online, I’m sorry.

      • Ok, thanks! Maybe I’ll check it out in-store.

      • rated r is displayed in the spot where it should be… makes no sense seeing as the ad featuring tropical princess is there (with the green shadow up to the model’s brows) and then just some of the collection is there. when i asked where the duo was or when it was coming, they pointed me to this one and i had to tell them that rated r is certainly not part of the new collection and has been out for a long time.

        • also, kalahari is displayed alongside rated r (i’ve been to three sephoras that did this) where lost coast should be.

  2. Somehow these seem a little off! On Liz they show up but I think on my medium complexion it will be ashy!

  3. I am in love with lost coast! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely have to pick it up. Great Post!

  4. Tropical princess is such a beauty. I super like the colors in it. Its def perfect for Summer/Spring. I will check on this.

  5. I wasn’t expecting Lost Coast to look like so dreamy perfect on the lids. I was expecting the liliac to be frostier but it’s pigmented enough to give the right hint of grey to soft brown color in the pan. Oh Nars shadows… they did it again.

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