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NARS Artistry Brushes Stylized Group Shot

Nars Artistry Brushes are a new series of lovely tools that I will be examine over the next few posts. Given the breadth of this collection, I’m going to proceed by first showing pictures of all of them in detail. I will be offering some thoughts about the brushes in some later posts.) These are available at, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nars Cosmetics online.

Here is the entire set (click to enlarge):

Nars Artistry Brushes All LabeledThis post will cover the Nars Artistry Eye Brushesnumbers 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 and 48.  First up, I’d like to note that these brushes are beautifully designed. They have a matte black wood handle embossed with a subtle black-on-black Nars logo, and are finished with a red lacquer accent.

Nars logo brush

The design is well balanced. The brushes are balanced and substantial, without being heavy. The eye brushes all use a numbering system in the forties. The NARS #40 Eyeshadow Brush ($32) is the classic eyeshadow brush that we all use so much for all-over lid application, blending, and 1,000 other things. I have several, yet always seem to need another.

Nars Eye Shadow 40

Turned sideways:

Nars Eyeshadow Blending 42a

One more of the Nars #40 Eyeshadow Brush:

Nars Eyeshadow Brush 40b

Next is the NARS #41 Diffusing Brush ($32), which is lovely for blending, layering and light veils of color:


Nars Diffusing Brush 41b

Turned to the side:

Nars Diffusing brush 41c

And one more of the #41 Diffusing Brush:

Nars 41a

The NARS #42 Eyeshadow Blending Brush ($32) is the type of brush that I adore. According to NARS, this is “ideal for applying high-shimmer shadows and blending effortlessly for a soft-focus effect. The softer, longer hair design is perfect for a final sweep across the eye, blending and diffusing shades seamlessly.” I find that this shape is ideal for soft and natural application of almost any eyeshadow.

Nars 42b


Nars 42c

The NARS #43 Wide Contour Brush ($32) is an unusual shape, yet I find myself reaching for this type often. The wide shape allows me to dab on a bright spot of shimmer in the center of the lid, or to do a pigmented, all-over sweep. The edge allows me to do precise placement when needed. This can also be useful for lightly patting powder on the under eye concealer area.

Nars 43a

The flat top is an oval, and the bristles are dense and stiffer than many other eye brushes:

Nars 43b


One more:

Nars 43c

The NARS #44 Precision Contour Brush ($28) has a firm design for concentrated color. This is nice for dense crease colors, because the shape allows for deposit and blending. This is also nice for precise application of a highlighter color in the inner corner.

Nars 44a


Nars 44b

The NARS #45 Smudge Brush ($28) is the perfect shape for smudging liner either above or below the lid. The brush has a set of relatively stiff bristles and small size that allows for excellent control.

Nars Smudge Brush 45a

The NARS #46 Push Eyeliner Brush (#28) is perfect for applying gel liners, or making your mascara or eyeshadow into a liner. I use this type of brush so frequently –this is what is needed to really make the most of gel liners.

Nars Push Eyeliner brush 46a

I do not usually love white brushes, but in this case I get the point. When using this brush, you will know for certain whether there has been any remaining pigment from your prior use. This avoids the frustration of an unintended color mix that can occur close to the eye (which requires a re-do of almost everything else).

Nars Push Eyeliner Brush 46b

The bristles are acrylic, which is perfect for using creme eyeliners (or damp powders). The precise edge is ideal for eyeliner use. The brush can be applied using a series of lines, blended together, or slightly jiggled around for a softer line.

Nars Push Eyeliner 46c

NARS #47 Angled Eyeliner Brush ($28) is designed for liquids and creams along the lash line, including with NARS Eye Paints and the like.

Nars eyeliner brush 47c

NARS Brow Defining Brush ($26) is used for filling and defining brows:

Nars 48a Brow Defining Brush

I’ll be offering more thoughts about these in upcoming posts. These are available at, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nars Cosmetics online.

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