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Laura Mercier Concealer1My finger has been hovering over the “order” button for Laura Mercier’s High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye ($28) since the first introduction. Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face includes some excellent concealers. Who are we kidding, she really excels in that department. I have under eye circles, as well as other areas that I usually cover so that I can wear a lightweight foundation. I waited to buy until I could see the colors in person, and I’m still not entirely sure that I chose the right shade. This post is an overview of the formula, but the jury’s still out on the color shades. I ultimately bought shade 1.5 for my MAC NC15/ Chanel Cameo/Ivoire skin tone. My skin leans warm and fair, and I chose shade 1.5 as an excellent match to the rest of my face. I almost added shade 2.5, a medium warm shade, and will likely pick that one up on my next trip in.

Laura Mercier Concealer3

I did a few in-house tries with this. After I got used to the formula, I  worn this concealer for three days–once entirely alone, a second time over moisturizer (Shiseido) with Giorgio Armani Master Color Corrector in 02 Orange ($39), and a third time using the moisturizer, Armani Color Corrector combined with Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion ($24) using the method described here. I did not try using this with a powder over the top. Because of my travel schedule, these three days spanned dry, warm weather in Northern California, and slightly more humid, temperate temperatures on the East Coast.

Laura Mercier Concealer6

The concealer is described as follows by the line: “This formula features honey and vitamin E to protect against environmental stressors, and fruit acid to nourish and calm skin.” My thoughts are as follows–first, you need far, far less of this product that you would imagine. The tiniest tiniest bit is too much. It took me a few tries to get used to the high level of pigment in this formula, before I could wear it outside for the day. During my first try, I used the same amount as I would use for Lancome Effacernes, That was way, way too much–honestly, I could have covered my entire face with that small amount. To say “a little goes a long way” really understates the situation.

Laura Mercier Concealer5Straight from the tube, the texture feels a bit dry and thick especially if you are used to Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Straight out of the tube, using too much of the product looks like this:

Laura Mercier Concealer7b

So, don’t use this much!  After the product is warm and blended, it really does come to life. This product really did not fade at all on me throughout the day. In fact, I’ve never used a concealer that holds its coverage as long as this one does. Using an under eye primer for longevity did not deliver any advantages–I’m going to skip that step next time.

The product’s skin care ingredients–while not affirmatively moisturizing–did make my under eye area appear flattened (meaning non-puffy) and slightly more youthful throughout the day. Mind, this is not (and does not claim to be)  an anti-aging skincare serum. Still, the skin in my under eye area just looked better, and it kept that look throughout the entire day. Unlike the Nars concealer, however, the Laura Mercier does not feel as affirmatively moisturizing. I’d advise a good separate moisturizer when using this product.

The one curious and consistent problem I had was ever-so-slight creasing (whether using a moisturizer or not). Having said that, the overall coverage was still excellent even after sweeping away the creasing. This stuff just does not give up–it’s relentless. Here’s a picture with the product buffed and blended:

Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer blended1Finally, although this covers beautifully, I think that my slightly blue under eye circles really do need a touch of color correction. The area looked much better on the days I wore the Armani Master Color Corrector underneath the product. I may be able to solve this another way–by trying a slightly deeper shade of the Laura Mercier’s High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye. Speaking just for me, sometimes going a bit deeper  helps erase those blue tones as well as a corrector. That’s the reason that I’m going back and forth on the shades.

Ingredient list (click to enlarge):

Laura Mercier Concealer2

Overall, I’m pleased with Laura Mercier’s latest offering. I’m going to keep playing with the product to see whether a powder may help the slight creasing issue that I have. The texture is a bit surprising, very pigmented and highly tenacious. Absolutely worth a look.

Available at Nordstrom, Sephora,  Neiman Marcus,  Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macys.

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  11 Responses to “My Thoughts: Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye”

  1. Thanks so much for this superb post. I am searching for a good under eye concealer for years and trying different things out. I am using Dior Hydra BB at the moment, which I like in terms of moisturizing but I don’t find it especially long lasting. I might try to get this one and mix them for a mixed effect. Which shade in Armani Maestro Corrector are you using?

      • I picked up a sample of this concealer tonight after reading your post. Like Sara, I’ve been using Dior Hydra BB, which I like not because it offers the best coverage but because it does help a little and it doesn’t look very crinkly (I’d rather skip concealer than deal with creasing) and it feels good. I agree with Sara though that it’s not as long lasting as I’d prefer.

        I tried this at the counter and you are not kidding, a teeny bit must go a long way. I’m curious to see how this works on me, I’m fearing creasing big time, not to mention dryness.

  2. Sounds like a great product, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks – LM sent me $25 off for my birthday and I was considering this (as well as a few more shades of their Gel lipstick – which is FABULOUS). I think I’ll pull the trigger…I may have to use a corrector as well, but I’ve got the same Armani that you mention.

  4. This sounds fantastic but not to sure how well it would work on me though i have dry skin so i dont want it looking weird

    • I understand completely–I really am glad that you took from this that this concealer is not a moisturizing one!

  5. Like you, I’ve found that going deeper in shade is a good idea. My undereye circles are bluish, so that means a deeper shade leaning peach. If I use the right shade, there is no need for a corrector, thus no need to layer, thus less chances of creasing. I don’t aim to completely erase anymore, most people have a natural darkness in the undereye area, and I’m going for a look that reads “natural”. Thanks for this post! Going to check this product out. I’m always game for a good concealer 😀

  6. Dang it! I was all set to click checkout on this one til I saw Castor Oil. Why does everyone ruin a product with that stuff!? Gah!

  7. Such a great review – I have a really dry eye area so this probably wouldn’t work out too well for me!

  8. I am still looking for my holy grail concealer. I must try this one!

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