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L’Occintane’s latest release is inspired by Brasil’s biodiversity. This L’Occitane au Brésil collection derives from a partnership that brings together Brazil’s local culture with L’Occitane’s knowledge of nature. As a line that places natural products as the centerpieces of its products, this collection includes two lines based on distinct ingredients.

First is L’Occitane’s Jenipapo line, which is based on the jenipapo tree, which has golden flowers. The product in this line are sun care products for the face and body made with extracts of this flower with protecting and hydrating properties.

For Jenipapo - ingredient

The products in the Jenipapo line are:

· Face Protection Veil SPF 30 ($28)
· Protecting Body Oil SPF 15 ($30)
· Protecting Body Jelly Milk SPF 20 ($30)
· Lip Gloss SPF 25 ($12)
· Perfumed Oil Roll-On ($22)
· Body Lotion ($25)
· Shower Oil ($25)
· Jenipapo Soap ($7)

JenipapoI was able to test two products from the Jenipapo line–the L’Occitane Jenipapo Face Veil SPF 30 ($28) and the L’Occitane Jenipapo Body Oil SPF 15 ($30). As expected, these embodied natural luxury. They were very refined, well-formulated, and effective. Their scent retained a natural, refreshing scent that gave not hint of chemicals–both are very pleasurable, light, and fresh.

L'Occitane Summer Items01

The Jenipapo Body Oil comes in a spray bottle and gives a touch of sun protection at SPF 15:

L'Occitane Summer Items02The scent is light, floral and crisp, which is exactly what I want in a summer scent. I’ve purchased other body oils from L’Occitane’s summer releases. This one is quite light and easy to use, I like the spray bottle very much.

L'Occitane Summer Items06

Thoughtfully, there a spray top and plastic bottle that can be tossed into a bag without fear of spillage or breakage.

L'Occitane Summer Items08

This applies as a light transparent oil, and leaves skin glowing. This is designed for the body, not the face.

L'Occitane Summer Items09

The Jenipapo Face Veil SPF 30 is a light, non-greasy sunscreen for the face. Although I’m more of an SPF 50-type, I enjoyed using this during runs to the gym or under foundation on an in-the-office day. The light, refreshing scent fades after about 1/2 hour, and I assure you it didn’t smell a bit like sunscreen. Instead, it was crisp, light, natural and refreshing

L'Occitane Summer Items16The texture is light and thin (no breakouts!). Loved it.

L'Occitane Summer Items15

The other line is based on the Brazilian Vitória-Régia flower.

Vitoria RegiaThe Vitoria Regia line includes:

· Day Flower Eau de Cologne ($55)
· Day Flower Shower Gel ($20)
· Day Flower Body Lotion ($25)
· Day Flower Soap ($7)
· Night Flower Eau de Cologne: ($55)
· Night Flower Soap ($7)
· Night Flower Petal Soap ($8)

Overall, L’Occitane au Brésil collection another lovely set of summer releases. Natural luxury–what could be better? Well worth a look.


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  1. These look very interesting! I’m going to have to go back to L’Occitane and take a sniff (and shop because who can resist??).

  2. Hmmm…interesting. Seeing these products makes me drool. They seem like really great products to try this Summer. I will def check on these.

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