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nordstrom sale It’s that lovely time of year again when Nordstrom has its Anniversary Sale. If you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you have early access to their products. The items will be up for sale for all on July 18th (if they haven’t sold out). I went by my local Nordstrom today to test the waters. Movado rose gold bold watchI love some of the jewelry discounts that I’ve gotten in the past. In the midst of my rose gold obsession, I looked at a few of the watches at the event and chose this Movado Bold Rose Gold watch ($434.90/down from $650). I compared this with some other strong contenders–this very elegant and work-friendly Michael Kors Rose Gold Bailey ($166) which had a very pretty brushed metal on the band, and this fun bold Marc Jacobs uber-bold Rose Gold Blade ($183). This Burberry Bracelet Watch ($330) made it to the final four as an understated classic in a steel color. In the end, the Movado won out because–in my heart of hearts–this face is everything. movado Another piece that I picked up is this Laundry by Shelli Seigal Tweed Reefer Coat ($109.90). The length is really nice, the weight is between a blazer and a coat. What really won me over was the cut and quality of the fabric. It nips in a bit at the waist in a flattering way, and the fabric is very rich (especially for that price!). You can see a touch of leather detail above the pocket, which adds a little something. laundry coat I also took a chance on this Marc by Marc Jacobs James Sweater ($198.90) in Century Blue Melange. This looks all sorts of wrong on the hanger. The sales associate tried to talk me out of trying it on. It really is crazy wide. It’s completely contrary to every form-fitting trend we’ve seen for years. Of course, that’s exactly what drew me in–rethinking the whole idea of a sweater? Sign me up! With tights and either ballet flats or thin-leather boots (and hair up with perfected makeup of course!), this is going to be genius for Fall.  Also it will get me in the mood to test out some Marc Jacobs Beauty Fall items (below is a Kiss Pop lip pencil and Smart Wand Tinted Face Stick). Plus the sweater is perfect for cocooning on a plane, or curling up with a good book until another Polar Vortex passes.marc jacobs sweater nordstrom As far as beauty items go, I’ve already given some thoughts on NARS offerings this year (a first look is here). And yes, in person they are absolutely beautiful. Nars Domination Palette 3 Although I was tempted to get these Dior lipsticks, I decided to try something completely new this year. I took a chance on this Charlotte Tillbury Filmstar Killer Cheekbones set ($110).  I’ve been dying to try this line (seriously!) for months since it launched in the UK. I ordered this online, and cannot wait till it arrives (I’ll post an “in real life” picture then, I promise!) charlotte tillbury As I wandered around the store, I saw a few other things that remain on my mind. In addition to some basics that I picked up (hello, Barefoot Dreams!), I decided to give my debit card a little rest. I found that I already have some items in my closet that are “close enough” to these that I’m passing. Still, I thought that the quality level of them was very nice. frye These Frye Patty Riding Booties ($218) are going to go quickly in my opinion. You don’t see Fryes with this much style often, and almost never at a pre-season discount. I was very tempted by this Vince Two Tone Coat ($449). Again, another item that I suspect won’t be around long. It’s modern and classic. This 90% wool coat looks like it will keep out serious cold while still looking cool. Pair this with a nuclear-bright scarf and you’re set. vince coat   Are we ready for Fall? Did you pick up anything from the event? Feel free to share in the comments.

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  15 Responses to “My Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale”

  1. I can’t wait to see the Marc Jacobs face stick when it comes to Sephora. My Nordies doesn’t carry the brand. *pout*

    • Nordstrom doesn’t carry Marc Jacobs Beauty at all. I simply put those Fall items on the sweater (they had arrived separately from Sephora).

  2. I tried on the Vince coat and it was just so-so on me, so I passed. It looks cool and chic on the model; it is very swingy in person. Nice travel piece, but not for me. They had tons on the rack.

    • Lucky you! There were only two at the store near me.

    • I, too, was disappointed with the fit of the Vince coat. it “tents” and doesn’t have great movement. I was also disappointed that the sleeves weren’t lined so that it could slip on easily over the long sleeved tops we’ll be wearing once the weather turns cool. The coat looked stylish in the catalogue but actually wasn’t very well constructed. In fact, I was quite disappointed in most of the clothing this year 🙁

      My consolation? I stocked up on Antica Farmista for myself and for my sons’ special ladies 🙂 Proseco is one of my favorite summer room scents.

  3. I browsed through the clothing and show and didn’t really see anything that struck me. Beauty wise, however was a different story. I purchased the Chanel illuminating powder, the Trish planner and matching brush set, the Laura palette and matching brush set, the Nars Schiap set, the Charlotte Tillbury set and the the Dior anniversary offerings. I was disappointed that the only Guerlain offering was a gwp. I wish they would do special sets or release some European or Asian exclusives for anniversary. It would make it so much more special.

    • So true! Would love to see some of Guerlain’s releases from Asia too!!

      • Ditto! I’d love to see Guerlain bring us some of the Asian exclusives for the anniversary sale the way Chanel frequently does. When I was in Tokyo this spring I really enjoyed checking out the various products that wouldn’t be available here.

  4. Love the tweed coat by Laundry, how did you find it running size size? I am planning on ordering it today! Thanks for the great post!

    • I’m about a 6-8 (curvy-ish), and I got the medium. It fits very well!

      If anyone is interested in the MJ sweater, I got the xs/s. It runs huge.

  5. OMG!!! That watch is soooo pretty. Love the color and the design. Its def a must have. So classy and elegant!

  6. I love Movado watches, and that one is especially stunning, Amy!! I actually purchased a few non-Anniversary related beauty products, such as the new Chanel quads.

    I also purchased the Marc Jacobs Kiss Pops at Sephora and like them for its pigmentation and lasting power, but they’re definitely not hydrating or gel-like as Sephora describes on their site. I have an in-depth review on my blog if you are interested! I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are on these, Amy.

    • HI Carolyn–thanks for your lovely comment. I tried the Chanel highlighter that you reviewed in my local store, but didn’t invest the $80 into it. I don’t mind spending on a wonderful highlighter, honestly I don’t. But I wasn’t convinced that particular one was worth the price either. By the way, which brush did you use with it?

      • Hi Amy! Thank you so much for reading :). I primarily use the MAC 188 brush with the Chanel highlighter, though I also tried using it with the MAC 159 brush. Which brush(es) do you prefer using for highlighter?

        With this highlighter, I had put my name on the pre-sale list and essentially purchased it sight unseen, but I think had I waited to test this out in person, I may not have bought it!

        You have a great collection of highlighters so I can completely understand why you skipped this one!

  7. I’ve been dying for the Charlotte Tillbury line to come to the U.S. since it launched last year. The products are crazy expensive though, which makes me sad. I expected it to be a higher end range, but I guess it’s a Treat Yourself kind of range, like Tom Ford 🙁

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