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Yesterday I received the most extraordinary Rouge Louboutin ($50), the flagship product from the newly launched Christian Louboutin Beauté.  Please note: I received mine from Loubtoutin’s press office, and so I am not sure if the retail version is packaged in the same way (I have one on the way from, so I will post an update to let you know). This is available from Saks Fifth Avenue, SephoraNeiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Rouge Louboutin01

When creative genius Christian Louboutin stated that he wished to make this bottle and objet d’art, I believe that he succeeded. The reference to his brilliant red-soled shoe line is manifest.

louboutin polish

I love this video (directed by the acclaimed and visionary director David Lynch) about the polish:

My version came in a slide-out box with a mirrored backing, featuring this breathtaking sculpture. The grey color of the surround is mostly reflecting the cloudy sky above.

Rouge Louboutin02

The bottle is a heavy glass, the spike top feels more of composite (it isn’t glass, which I suppose might be too heavy for practical use). In all the bottle is about eight inches high:

Christian Louboutin Beaute

Comparison with a Chanel nail polish bottle for scale:

Rouge Louboutin14

The glass sculpture Rouge Louboutin is quite substantial, compared to the more typical style of the Chanel bottle:

Rouge Louboutin16The nail polish bottle was important to Louboutin’s intent in designing a beautiful container for the polish. As he states, “The ultimate goal of the nail color was to evoke a shiny lacquer imprisoned in a piece of faceted crystal.” The glass is inspired by architecture, namely “classical balustrades found in European buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.”

louboutin bottles

I must say the bottle achieves an impressive presence. It really does draw the eye on my makeup table. The Rouge Louboutin bottle in particular, with its ombre effect, is extraordinary.


The ombre makes the red appear to be floating about the surface:

Rouge Louboutin20Another to show the facets:
Rouge Louboutin25aOne more:

Rouge Louboutin15a


Rouge Louboutin18And a close up of the brush, which is very soft compared to some other lines:

Rouge Louboutin17I’m hoping to post some swatches tomorrow.  Please stay tuned!

Rouge Louboutin is available from,, Sephora, and Neiman Marcus.

louboutin nail polish

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  6 Responses to “First Look: Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish”

  1. WOW! These have to be the most luxurious product this year will see! Eagerly waiting for the swatches! 🙂

  2. I had to chuckle when I saw the Louboutin bottle along side the Chanel bottle. My first thought was how on earth would I store it :-). It is so dramatic, though, and I can well imagine it being shown off on a vanity. I’ll be interested in seeing how it performs. Are we buying a pretty bottle or an extraordinary polish? Time will tell.

    • It’s hard to get a sense of the magical scale of this bottle without some comparison!! 🙂 I just grabbed the closest bottle–of course, Chanel Malice!

  3. Hi Amy

    GORGEOUS packaging! I can’t wait to see how this swatches 🙂

  4. SOOO pretty!

    xx Alyson

  5. Thanks so much for this comparison, I was really wondering how this very long looking bottle compare to another bottle. I can’t think of a way to store it but I may consider to get it a place at the living room, like a statue 😉
    I can’t wait for the swatch and your review after you try it out.

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