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liz in oprah magazineIf you are an O Magazine reader, you might look at the cover story of O’s September ’14 issue on page 140 for a picture of Cafe Makeup’s owner and editor Liz, who got a haircut makeover by the magazine in June.

Labelle Day Spa Palo Alto StanfordI’ve always wondered if those magazine makeover features were real, and in this case we can personally verify that, O yes!, this one certainly was. In June, Liz got a haircut that earned her the name “Mrs. Brady” around the office (the back was even worse!). So much for “take off an inch with just a few layers near the face,” right? She had it done at LaBelle Day Spa in Palo Alto. This clearly required Oprah-level intervention to save it. Liz took a redeye to New York to get expert assistance by Garnier hair stylist Tommy Buckett. The change is entirely due to the cut, there are no added weaving or extensions. What do you think of the result?

Liz O magazineThe makeup was by Andrew Sotomayor.

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  35 Responses to “Liz in September O Magazine”

  1. Wow – it was a disaster before! How could someone do that to her? And much improved after – improved isn’t a strong enough word – transformed is better.

    But…Liz is almost unrecognizable in the after picture! I much prefer her own delicate makeup application!

    Best of luck to her at her new job…I’m still resisting Twitter!

  2. Beautiful! Love the color and the cut is so flattering….look at those cheekbones! Love the eye makeup too – such a fresh look for Liz!

  3. Oh God, the hairdresser who did that to Liz should be hanged! Love the improved version: so young and fresh!

  4. B e a u t i f u l ! The after pic is truly cover material. Is there any chance for a make-up breakdown ?

    • I wish! I’d love to find out the lipstick name. I believe he was working from his pro palettes–she didn’t get a breakdown because a lot of the product was de-potted. I know she was wearing false lashes and he did some contouring magic with some cream foundations (probably MAC, but we’re guessing). Now that the shoot is public, I’ve tweeted him. I hope he responds–if so, I’ll post it.

  5. Poor Liz! But if she had to go through that bad cut to get that fabulous cut and be on O magazine, it was worth it! Love the new look!

  6. I saw this on Liz’s Instagram! I can’t wait to get the magazine! Liz is beautiful no matter what, but oy – what a bad before haircut!

  7. Love it! Liz you look amazing! I literally just read this this morning and thought “that girl looks SO FAMILIAR” and then I realized how I recognized her!

  8. I saw this on Liz’s Instagram last night too, and I was floored. I’ve always thought she was beautiful – like she should model – but now – wow. I’m speechless. She’s stunning. And I couldn’t agree more – that lipstick!!!

  9. The new cut is terrific. But I want to comment on the fabulous eyebrows in the “makeover” shot. If you get the details on the products used, I hope he includes what he used to very naturally accentuate Liz’s brows (mine are also blonde).

  10. So beautiful! Lucky Liz for getting to participate in this (even if she did have to endure the first haircut).

  11. Wow, I can’t believe the before and after. I’ve had some bad hair cuts that made me wanna cry. I think some stylists just breeze through cosmetology school without much talent.

  12. This is so awesome…Liz looks gorgeous! Congrats on the feature! XOXO

  13. Wowza! The ‘after’ cut looks amazing!!! Amy, we really do need you to find out what lipstick that is please!! 🙂

    • I got a response from the artist–he used Chanel Kaska Beige on her eyes and a Chanel eye pencil. No word on the lips, sadly! She doesn’t remember either. It is haunting me too!!

  14. Liz looks so beautiful! That’s horrible that LaBelle gave her that haircut. Good to know — I’ll stay far away from LaBelle. I love the short hair on her!

  15. Oh wow, what an amazing haircut! I can only imagine how disappointed Liz must have been when she saw what they did to her hair at the LaBelle Day Spa. That cut was not exactly “belle”. In the Netherlands O Magazine is not widely available but some stores do sell it. I’ll see if I can track this issue down. The lipstick is indeed amazing. It does look a lot like Bobbi Brown Beige, but I could be totally wrong, it is so hard to determine a colour from a photo.

  16. She looks stunning! I love the color too!

    No one looks good in a shag. Not even the real Mrs. Brady…lol.

  17. She looks much better with the new cut.

    I’m confused. Is Liz the person taking the pics and reviewing the makeup and she just refers to herself in third person? Or is there another person. If so, is it a male or a female? I have been reading this site for a while now and I can’t figure it out.

  18. looks much better, of course, but i’d love to see it without the fan effect to get a sense for how the cut falls normally. =]

  19. Amy, Liz is practically a different woman in that “after” shot!! AMAZING! Love the way the artist does her eye makeup. Yep, I’m chiming in with everyone else to get the makeup break down (or maybe a tutorial? the eyeshadow placement really lifts her eyes up). And the lipstick 🙂

    P.S. I will warn my SIL who lives in Palo Alto re. the salon.

    PPS. How does one qualify for a makeover for the O Magazine?

    • Claire, I saw a call for this feature the day after the cut. I emailed in, with some pictures. We never mentioned the blog. It was a cold contact, honestly, they played it straight by the book. However, the “before” pictures that we sent in really told the story. After a few phone/Skype interviews, they picked her as one of the three women featured. Really, a bit of luck and good timing I think.

      • Truly a happy ending of a tragic haircut, then, so happy for Liz! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  20. The “after” haircut is truly amazing! Did LaBelle dayspa ever apologize or try to make good on the first hair disaster? I hope they refunded her money. But wow, she looks amazing with the haircut “re-do”!

  21. I saw the insane response they posted via Yelp as well

  22. Poor Liz, I know how she feels.Someone gave me a bad haircut almost identical to Liz’s 3 days before my wedding and refused to fix it. A different hair dresser who did my hair for the wedding was able to fix it enough for the pictures, she felt so bad she cut my hair after the wedding for free because she couldn’t believe someone in her field would do this to someone. Liz is always gorgeous and I love her new fixed hair cut.

  23. The first haircut is definitely a “before,” but that after cut is so pretty! I love the deeper color, too. So pretty.

    It may say in the print though I can’t quite see it: is she able to style it somewhat like that on a daily basis? I badly need to graduate from my SAHM ponytail and I am curious about the daily maintenance.

    • Jane, it looks like longish layers and cut above the shoulders. Should be easy to style. You may not have the ‘just a touch of a breeze blowing my hair’ look, but this looks like it could be easily achieved, depending on your hair type. Wavy and curly hair, would be harder to work with.

      I say bring up this look with your regular stylist, I bet you could get something close.

  24. Congratulations on this feature!!! Liz looks lovely; the “after” shot is a sophisticated look for sure. The very best to you both.

  25. Oh my goodness, I forgot to add, I love the cut and color on Liz! Sometimes something as horrid as a “Mrs Brady” can be changed into something beautiful and new.

  26. OMG what a change! I love the cut!

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