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Tom Ford Fall 201407Some items arrived from Tom Ford Fall 2014 late this afternoon, and so I thought I’d post some quick pictures. From all experience, this appears to be another “blink and you’ll miss them” releases. In other words, limited quantities especially for the Tom Ford Nude Dip quad.  These are the times when the relationships that we’ve formed with sales associates become invaluable. Sometimes the online releases are gone in a remarkably brief time, so call your Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom, and Bergdorf counters now if you are interested. It breaks my heart to tell readers that I have no sources a month (or even a day) after some of these collections release.

Tom Ford Nude DipThe Tom Ford Nude Dip Palette ($79) includes four gorgeous neutrals that are high-pearl in texture. So far, so good–the pigment seems to leap onto my brush and apply with a beautiful smooth texture. Let’s walk through each shade separately, shall we? Oh, yes, we shall..

Tom Ford Nude Dip

The top left is a pearly champagne highlight color.

Tom Ford Nude Dip

The top right is a soft light brown.

Tom Ford Nude Dip

The bottom left is a soft pearly taupe.

Tom Ford Nude DipThe bottom right is a deep pearlized brown. Here are some early swatches in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

Tom Ford Nude DipAnother set of the Nude Dip palette.

Tom Ford Nude DipThere are two Tom Ford Contouring Cheek Color Duos ($77 each). Stroked is a soft warm golden coral combination,and Softcore is a dramatic pink-highlight and deep, complex red-mauve-burgundy.. These powders include a highlight color, and a blush/contour shade. They are fabulous.

Tom ford Soft Core Stroked

Here is Tom Ford Stroked:

tom ford stroked

The highlighter portion of Stroked:

Tom ford Soft Core StrokedThe blush shade of Stroked:

Tom ford Soft Core StrokedHere is Tom Ford Softcore:

Tom ford Soft Core StrokedThe highlight color of Softcore is slightly cooler and whiter than the highlighter in Stroked.

Tom ford Soft Core StrokedThe Softcore blush:

Tom ford Soft Core StrokedI did some quick swatches, again not in ideal lighting conditions. When I ordered these from Bergdorf, they suggested that Stroked was perfect for day, and Softcore for evening.

Tom ford Soft Core StrokedAgain, I’m working quickly because I suspect that anyone interested in this collection is going to need to move this week to find the items. I haven’t had time to play with these extensively yet, but I can say that I’m very impressed so far.

Tom ford Soft Core Stroked

These are available at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

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  28 Responses to “A First Look at Tom Ford Fall 2014: Nude Dip, Stroked and Softcore Swatches”

  1. Was that Clif at Bergdorf who was telling you about the day and night? He told me the same too 😉
    My items are also on their ways to here. I was a little undecided with the quad since it is all shimmery and I tend to like quads with combinations of satin shimmer and matte but I guess I have to play with it to see if it works on me.

    Thanks so much for the quick swatches, they are lovely and informative.

  2. Oh dear… I’m in trouble.

  3. Thanks for the post, Amy! The other day, I was contemplating ordering from the TF site but was hesitant as I’ve never ordered from them before and prefer ordering from Nordstrom or one of the other dept. stores. I’m hoping this will come online at Nordstrom soon!

    How would you compare the TF quad to the texture or performance of the newly reformulated Chanel quads? I’ve never owned or tried a TF quad so would love your thoughts! Thanks so much, Amy!

  4. Love the cheek palettes!!

  5. O to the M to the G. The collection is beautiful!

  6. Thanks for the swatches. Beautiful pics as always. Stroked looks really beautiful!

  7. I have an honest question Amy. What is it with the Tom Ford releases? And especially the limited editions? What I mean by that is for example this palette; it is easily duped. I have these same eyeshadow colors in a range of brands from lower end such as IT Cosmetics to high end such as Surratt, La Prairie, and everything in between. And in both palettes and singles. (I have blue eyes so I wear more of these colors than anything else). Same for the blushes. But as soon as there is a TF release, I sense a sort of anxiety and frantic worry about procuring them in all of the reviews I read. Is it the quality? The performance? The cachet of the TF name brand? I’m honestly curious because I don’t sense this much “breathless anticipation” when reading about other brand releases, including LE and hard to find items. I have yet to try TF anything, I guess I just haven’t seen anything that calls to me hard enough to fret about whether I can find it before it sells out. Am I missing out on a truly great makeup experience?

    • It’s all personal, Deb. Like clothing. I loved my blushes and the prior eyeshadow version of this formula in Enchanted (from Fall 2012) so much. For me, it’s like the perfect jewelry, pair of shoes, or bag for someone else. I love the way that it looks on me, whoever designed really understood the quality and formula on the skin. There are a few items in TF’s line that are just perfect. I personally don’t find the texture/formula the same in any other line. You may disagree. You may prefer It Cosmetics or La Prarie, or other lines. I like some MAC, some of YSL’s, other lines as well. It’s all fine. I don’t think it’s this brand versus that brand. It’s what you like, you know?

      I think this palette is close to Chanel’s Topkaki from a few years ago. There’s something about this pearly finish that is just gorgeous to me.

      The buzz on these items, consistently from all sources and research that I’ve done, said that 1) these are excellent quality and 2) there aren’t many of them made. I wore Stroked this morning, and it’s genius. And honestly, a blush and a highlighter in one? Gorgeous. And that texture. The color isn’t a true coral. There are tons of corals out there. This one has a muted quality that so sophisticated. I love it–it makes my skin look amazing. As you can tell from the theme of this blog, I love luxury makeup. I don’t want to miss out, and I don’t want my readers to miss out.

      After things sell out, I get many, many emails about reviews I’ve done, by women asking where to find the product. I can tell that they’re upset. They ask me if I have any extra to sell. And I never do (Liz gets all my extra’s lol!) So when I do a post like this, I am hoping to ‘sound the alarm’ because when they are gone, they are gone.

      I should emphasize, there are many women who do not like this formula. All I can do is give my own opinion and share whatever information that I have as always. If you can, do a makeover at a counter and see what you think?

      • Deb asked a very thoughtful question and you gave it an equally thoughtful answer, Amy. I’d like to add that no one should ever feel out of the loop or like they’re missing out on something simply because they are not attracted to a particular product or because they don’t “get” its mystique. Makeup is a form of personal expression and adornment and as such, it will be as varied in its appeal as there are women who wear it.

        As our esthetic develops and our style evolves, I think many of us settle on a handful of brands that most accurately reflect how we see ourselves and the image we want to project. We fall in love with the colors, formulas, textures, finishes, performance, and even the packaging. Consequently, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting new collections from our preferred brands and, if one of those collections also happens to be extremely limited in quantity as are many of TF’s, then interest spikes. But, you know, such reactions are certainly not unusual and are by no means confined to TF. Just look at all the frenzy that surrounds many of the MAC LE collections!

        Personally, I love TF and so I understand the high level of anticipation that surrounds his beautifully edited and extremely limited collections. When my Nude Dip palette arrived this morning, I was beyond thrilled. True, the colors might be easy to dupe, but the formula and pearl like finish are extraordinary and unique to this palette. So, was it worth it to me to pre-order and then wait for it to arrive? You bet! 🙂

        • Thank you Eileen! Yes, I was thinking that if this were a MAC-centric blog probably more posts would sound like the TF Fall ’14 post.

          Yes, makeup (like fashion more generally) is reflection of identity–it’s hard to express into words but Eileen did the best job possible.

          I’m also finding other bloggers in other fields (fashion, even extending to the Lululemon world) have similarly engaged communities. That’s what I love about the Internet–isn’t is cool that we can all find each other and have these discussions?

      • Amy, thank you for taking the time to share your personal insight. As I noted, I haven’t taken the “dip” into TF yet for the oh so simple reason that nothing I’ve seen has really jumped out at me. The price point isn’t an issue so I think the next time I’m somewhere TF cosmetics are sold, I’ll give it a try. Sound like I may be missing out on a nice product experience. If nothing else, maybe I’ll discover what all the hype is about!

        • As Amy put it so well – makeup choices are so personal. However…I can’t wear these TF colors at all, so I too was finding all the excitement puzzling. I can see that if you do wear these warm tones, like Amy , Eileen and yourself, you would like the quality and elegance of the TF. I have been disappointed in the line as a whole as almost everything oxidizes on me, especially his highly coveted, MLBB lipsticks. (It’s a problem I have with cosmetics in general – I have been told by both Tom Ford and Chanel national makeup artists and corporate “honchos” that they can’t believe how bad the TF and Rouge Coco lipstick colors turn on me!) While I can wear the lightest shade of the original TF liquid and stick foundation, the new concealer is too dark for me and the corrector stick too extreme in its yellow and pink colors. Tom Ford himself has such a particular and refined aesthetic that his aura of chic of course imbues the beauty line. I will just have to keep trying…glad to have a “problem” like this!

  8. I spoke to someone at the Las Vegas Boutique who was wonderful. She told me that though they (all the Tom Ford Boutiques) are sold out, that they would be the first ones restocked. So, if you can’t find it anywhere, you might try calling there and leaving your information and hopefully it might come back in stock. When I spoke to Bergdorfs on Thursday, they had about fifteen Nude Dips left. They may still have a few. It has sold shockingly fast. Thanks for the beautiful swatches. I can’t wait for my order to arrive.

  9. Just ordered Stroked, Twist of Fate Lip Colour, and Black Cherry Nail Lacquer from Neiman Marcus, San Francisco. Call them at 415-362-3900, and ask for Raymond! They get it straight from the warehouse, so you will get your items so much quicker!

  10. The lip color and nail lacquer are new for Fall 2014, and are BEAUTIFUL!

  11. Hello!

    I have pale yellow skin (Armani maestro #3)…. which blush/ highlighter do you think would look best?? I’m not sure the redish softcore would work and I don’t look good with any orangy colors?? How do they translate on your skin and Liz’s??
    Thank you!

    P.S. LOVED Liz’s makeover in O mag!!! 🙂

    • I wore Stroked yesterday and found that it is a bit muted when worn as a blush/contour. There’s a slight touch of something in the color that makes it wearable on my fair, warm skin. I haven’t tried Softcore yet, I hope to today and will update.

      At present based on my experience with past colors of this type, Softcore will be beautiful but a bit more dramatic. Cooler colors worn on warm skin tend to stand out. Both the highlighter and blush in Softcore run to the cool size. Stroked will be more “natural” looking. I hope this helps!

  12. P.S I got nude dip today and love it!

  13. I always enjoy coming to your blog, reading great reviews and thoughtful discussion. There are times when I have also felt compelled to purchase a product based on the ‘buzz’. I placed my order with Jennifer at TF in Beverly Hills (for Nude Dip), and I am anxiously waiting for Stroked & the Mocha Rush mascara.

  14. Nude Dip quad is one of my favorite TF quads now. Nude Dip is nearly sold out everywhere now. Great pictures and review as always. 🙂 XO

  15. Tom Ford and M•A•C are both Estee Lauder Companies brands. The frenzy and anticipation that surround the Tom Ford and M•A•C limited edition launches are entirely engineered by the marketing and sales executives who work for those brands, in my opinion. They know how to make women feel that if they don’t buy the products today, they’ll miss out. Scarcity and limited supplies are very effective sales tactics.

  16. Wow! This collection is beautiful!

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