Aug 272014

Nars night series pencils1

I have a number of NARS items to share with you, and I’m starting with the NARS Night Series Pencils ($24/each at Nordstrom, ). Something seriously good is happening with this line–so many new formulations, and fun/gorgeous colors! These pencils riff off of the NARS famous Night Series eyeshadows, which have deep, deep colors and a bit of sparkle and shine. These are available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Nars online and Saks Fifth Avenue.Nars night series pencils2

The Night Series Eyeliners are offered in these shades:

NARS Night Flight Eyeliner: Black with cobalt blue pearl

Night Bird Eyeliner: Black with purple pearl

Night Clubbing Eyeliner: Black with gold pearl

Night Porter Eyeliner: Black with green pearl

These are sort of awesome. I love the rich color, which applies best on the eye. I found that my arm swatches did not do these justice, so I include one quick eye shot so you could get a better sense. Please be gentle, I’m learning. Here are paper swatches:

Nars night series pencils4

If I had to narrow my choices, it would be Night Flight and Night Porter, the most vibrant shades that give a flash of color. Arm swatches:

Nars night series pencils5Here’s a quick swatch of NARS Night Flight on the eye:

Nars eye

Overall, I love the rich, dark tone of these and the little bit of sparkle that catches the light. These colors are deep enough to be a true eyeliner color, so hat there is no need to apply these over a black (although you could if you like). These are well worth a look. Beautiful.

These are available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Nars online and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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  4 Responses to “Nars Night Series Eye Pencils”

  1. Thank you for the lovely close-up photo of the liner on your eye. It really shows the depth of colour and sheen. I have two Nars long wear eye pencils and love how they apply so easily and don’t aggravate sensitive eyes. These new liners caught my attention online and your review means that two will pop into my shopping cart.

  2. Ooh, you should do more eye shots! Very helpful to see how it looks where it’s supposed to go rather than the ubiquitous arm swatches (which are fine! Just EVERYONE does them and it is helpful to see in a look)

  3. Sadly these look to me like they hardly compare to the original shadows! Fortunately I have those in Night Flight and Night Porter already 🙂

  4. You have a gorgeous eye, Amy. I bet the other is beautiful too. It really does show off the pencils. I’m sure my favorites will be the same as yours.

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