Oct 272014

Sephora Chroma Color Giveaway2 copyIn addition to our giveaway for the Sephora Holiday Festival Blockbuster palette, there is another one for those who love their eye color–how awesome is that? Cafe Makeup is sponsoring a second giveaway, this one for the Sephora Chroma Color Eye Palette (retail price $65).  Sephora sent both of these lovelies to Cafe Makeup for a giveaway to our U.S. readers.

Sephora Chroma Color GIveaway two1 copyThis rather impressive gift has 54 eyeshadows, 12 full size pencils, and a double side eyeshadow brush. This is some serious fun!

Sephora Chroma Color Giveaway5 copyHere’s a close up of a few of the full sized pencils and the double sided brush:

Sephora Chroma Color Giveaway6 copy

If you’d like to enter, please leave me a comment on this exact post, saying “enter me” or something similar (I’m sorry, I can’t track entries left on social media). If you’d like to enter the other Cafe Makeup/ Sephora giveaway, go for it!  Just only enter once per giveaway.  This contest for the Sephora Chroma Color Eye Palette will end Wednesday November 5th at midnight. This giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only. Good luck, lovelies!!

This palette was sent to Cafe Makeup without charge, and this post contains affiliate links (for more information see About Cafe Makeup


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