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Giorgio Armani’s 12-collection Eye Tints ($38 each) are just hitting counters now. So far, these are for sale on Giorgio Armani’s own site, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and at Nordstrom. For me, these are going to be Pokemon (gotta catch ’em….). I love this format so much more than Armani’s little pot cream eyeshadows.

armani eye tints

According to the line, the “Eye Tint is the 1st to market liquid tint for eyes. The innovative formula transforms from liquid to solid, instantly adhering to the eye lid providing 16 hours of fault-proof, smudge-free and crease-free wear. 12 luminous runway inspired shades can be used as an eye shadow or eye liner, and infinitely layered for natural to glamorous looks.”  They can be worn opaque (full color) or sheered out.

armani eyetint4

I’m not a talented counter-swatcher, but I couldn’t resist making a record for myself today that I’m happy to share (be kind! I’m no Karlasugar).  These are incredibly complicated and multidimensional. They do have micro-shimmer/glitter in many of the formula. Of course, it’s Armani shimmer so do not be afraid. These are lovely. My pictures do not do these justice, but I hope to more in-depth review soon of the two that I purchased.

armani eyetint2
One more:

armani eyetint1

These are currently for sale on Giorgio Armani’s own site, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and at Nordstrom.

Note: since this was originally posted, it’s been brought to my attention that the original photographs posted here had #9 cold copper and #12 gold ashes switched. This post has been updated to correct the labeling. I apologize for any confusion.

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  21 Responses to “Quick Swatches: All Shades of Giorgio Armani Eye Tints (for reference)”

  1. These are so beautiful, thanks for swatching! I think Cold Copper might be my favorite.

  2. Shadow and Emeraude are amazing. I don’t like green eyeshadows but that is teal enough to work!

  3. Oh my, they look so interesting, especially Cold Copper and Menuit! So tempting, I may have to give in. 🙂

    • Those would look pretty together. The blonde ahead of me was buying Cold Copper with Jade.

      It’s really not that easy to find a cool gold.

  4. Wow, amazing! Thank you for these swatches! Onyx is calling to me; what beautiful multitonal shimmer. I’ve been looking for a cream/liquid dark navy shadow for ages – does Menuit have multitonal shimmer as well?

    • Yes, it does Amy. I’m sorry that this picture is so dark on the lower end of the scale. I am thinking of getting Menuit for a liner color.

  5. I ordered #10 and #11 a few days ago, but now I’m craving at least a few more. It’s unusually (and wonderful) to see so many greens and blues in a permanent range. I’ve also heard that #8 is similar to ETK Rose Popillia from Fall 2013. Thanks for the swatches Amy – they’re the best ones I’ve seen.

  6. According to the line, the “Eye Tint is the 1st to market liquid tint for eyes….”

    Chanel Ombre D’ Eau Fluid (2012-ish?).

    • I think, honestly, earlier than that. Why do I think it’s more like 2006?

      • I think you’re right about the date, Amy. You can find reviews going back that far. I think the Chanel was considerably different, though. I had a few and I remember having to shake them before applying because they would settle into two layers. They also tended to go on a bit streaky and needed some careful blending.

        These Armanis actually remind me more of Guerlain’s three liquid/cream shadows that were part of the Terracotta Inca collection 2011. I loved those and wore them religiously throughout the summer because they applied smoothly and wore well even on the steamiest of days. I was disappointed that Guerlain never came out with more colors in later collections so maybe these new Armanis will do the trick 🙂

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  8. Thanks for the great swatches! Which one besides Cold Copper were you unable to walk away without? 😉

  9. Thanks for the great post and lovely swatches. #4 shade looks very beautiful 🙂

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  11. Hi,

    This looks so gorgeous !!! Could you send me a picture of its ingredients list please ??

    Tx, Sophie

  12. I love these colours – so vibrant – my favourites are Emeralde, Onyx, Cold Copper and Gold Ashes. They are incredibly beautiful and divine.

  13. the more vibrant or jewel tones must be my favourite. Such amazing colours!

    Two problems for me though, too expensive and I have yet to see an Armani counter in person

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