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More information about this weeks’ Paris Fashion show looks, pending my ability to find it. There’s surprisingly little out there right now.

Chanel. This red looks like Gabrielle to me, but I’ll hold off until we see more information. This could be from the upcoming Chanel Rouge Coco lip reformulation that I’m eagerly anticipating.  I’m seeing the Chanel Rouge Coco in Arthur on Saks.com, which appears to be a similar shade.

chanel 2

Heavy greys with perhaps a cooler red lip (Pirate?) in this image:

chanel 3

These eyes have a pink/mauve/gray effect that goes well with the accessory hat. I’m sensing that the eyeshadow is being used to veil the brows, almost like a unibrow effect.

chanel 4

I’m picking up some brown/mauve through the eyes including through the brow/unibrow area.chanel



Peter Philips created the beauty look for the 2015 Dior Couture Spring show, describing it as “fluidity, clarity and appeasement”. Using Dior’s yet-to-be released Diorskin Nude Air Serum foundation for a light and transparent finish, he then contoured the cheeks using Dior’s Peach Splendor blush (from the Kingdom of Colors collection) on the center of the cheeks and Starlight Diorblush to highlight the tops of cheekbones (I believe that this was limited edition last year). Eyes were defined with the Eye Reviver Backstage Pros palette (coming April 2015), using soft grey through the socket in an angled sweep from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple. Lashes were left bare; their only tweak was a curl from the Backstage Lash Curler. Keeping with the minimalist theme, Philips skipped lipstick and opted for the Dior Lip Maximiser which gave lips a transparent and shiny gloss. The look was finished with Dior Vernis Muguet on the nails. More about Dior Nude Air is available at The British Beauty Blogger (including an intriguing powder).



I love the honest artificiality of the hair (yes, it’s an extension without pretense).


27-dior-hair-2.w529.h352.2xArmani Prive. The information that I have is a bit vague:  “Using Armani products, Cantello swept models’ eyelids with a baby-blue hue and then elongated peepers with a gold liner. “So it’s kind of graphic, but not too graphic,” she said. “It’s quite soft.” Faces were given Crema Nuda, a product billed to be a “glow treatment” that’s due out in May. A tiny bit of apricot-colored blush was applied high on cheeks, while a lip stain, which will be called Bamboo, was used.”



The eye were a combination of Brow Maestro #5, and three shades of Armani’s Eye Tints—Gold Ashes, Jade, and Zenith (available in April).


According to Style.com, “Crema Nuda (launching in May) is neither a foundation nor a BB nor a tinted moisturizer. Instead, it’s a “nude glow treatment” that combines a water-based texture with transparent, light-reflecting pigments; imperfection-blurring ‘skin affinity’ technology; and antiaging benefits. Another twist on traditional formulas: Any color can work for any skin tone—it just depends on the kind of glow you’re after. “I like to think of it as working with watercolors as opposed to oils,” noted Cantello. “It’s an enhanced way to do ‘natural,’ and it just gives the skin a diaphanous, porcelain finish. You don’t really need anything more.”


Genius Odile Gilbert created the beautiful ponytail style.

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  7 Responses to “Paris Fashion Week: Looks”

  1. Oh, I love the red lips at Chanel!
    Dior and Armani seem very subdued?!

    And honestly, that’s a brilliant idea for a hair extensions that look chic and not cheap!

    Thank you, as always, for putting this post together! It’s always fascinating how runway will translate into future collections.

  2. Oh wow…yes I am guessing that perfect strawberry red lip color is either 440 (Arthur), 442 (Dmitri) or 444 (Gabrielle)

    I am DYIING to know which it is though! Maybe it is paired with a Rouge Allure Gloss over top of the lip color as well…the finish reminds me of the final product of Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial with RA Palpitante and RA Gloss #18 on Chanel.com. I would imagine this lip would have RA Gloss #19 Pirate over top of whichever Rouge Coco or Rouge Allure was used.

    I would love to see an update on this post when the information regarding the exact shade is released!!


  3. Armani and Chanel’s beauty looks are more to my liking. Dior is too brown/mono.

  4. Except for Chanel, these makeup looks just don’t seem particularly inspired to me. Although I would never want to create the look of a Neanderthal brow ridge as Chanel has done, at least it shows some imagination. I do love Dior’s use of extensions, though. That’s a look I wouldn’t hesitate to copy.

  5. The red lipstick at Chanel is indeed confirmed as Rouge Coco “Arthur”.
    (Not sure if we can post links to sources in the comments here or not.)

  6. The red lipstick at Chanel is indeed confirmed as Rouge Coco “Arthur”.
    (Not sure if we can post links to sources in the comments here or not.)

  7. The Chanel look doesn’t do anything for me, but the Crema Nuda is very intriguing.

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