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L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment02 copyThis L’Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Skin Program ($130) is set to release this week on February 19th. I’ve been fortunate to try out the full program over the past month. Here’s my report, and a chance to win a set of your own. As with the other L’Occitane Immortelle Divine products, this set is based on the immortelle flower from the island of Corsica, which is know for its extraordinary longevity. The line distilled its active ingredients into an essential oil that forms the foundation of this skincare set.

L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment05 copyThis elegant gold box holds 28-mini vials of treatments. This is an entire course of treatments–the 28-day cycle is broken into four separate weeks, each with a specific benefit:

Week 1 – Gentle exfoliation to even skin-tone, make it smoother and more luminous

Week 2 – Hydration & Nutrition: The skin seems nourished and moisturized

Week 3 – Balance: to strengthen and ready the skin for the final week

Week 4 – Renewal: For radiance, rebalance, and smoother texture

L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment09 copy

I used one vial per day, working my way through each week’s benefits before moving forward to the next. Formulas are held in easy-to-use, daily, single-use doses. I applied each vial, allowed it to soak in for a few minutes. Each “week” has a slightly different scent, and all smelled heavenly to me. I love the natural beauty of L’Occitane products–they add a touch of luxury and remind me of the beauty of the French countryside.

L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment27 copyBecause these vials are in a lightweight plastic pod, I was able to break off the right number, and place them into my bag for travel to a West Coast conference during the middle of my treatment regime. So convenient!

L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment18 copy


Each of the little oil vials is marked with the appropriate week (can you see the little “1’s”?) so even though I was traveling and moving into my new addition, I could keep track of my progress. The first week’s exfoliating regime felt wonderful. The oils really do melt into the skin, and feel very luxurious. However, I could tell that they had an exfoliating effect when I examined my skin first thing in the morning. Also, I was able to continue to use my other skin care products over these little serums, and still got all of the benefits of the L’Occitane regime.

L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment12 copy

The second week’s regime was very rich and moisturizing. It’s perfect if you have drier skin, or would like a little mid-winter boost, these are amazing. They felt especially good after the exfoliation from the week before, like they are rebuilding the skin in all the right ways. I can absolutely see why these are sold as an integrated system.

L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment14 copy

The third week–for balance–feels very calming. It gave me beautiful, smooth, glowing skin every morning.  I’m really enjoying the nightly ritual and lovely scent of this set. It’s easy to use, you just break off the one you want, fold down the top until the top is broken, and squeeze the liquid out. For me, I found enough in each vial to do the face, neck, and hands.

L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment16 copyI loved the scent from the fourth week–it smells velvety-good. This regeneration week is said to use “carrot, cypress and superior-quality organic immortelle essential oils help rebuild the skin.”

L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment30Having gone through the entire cycle of the set, my skin looks firmer, smoother, more even-toned, and more youthful. I really like the result, especially as this time of year I start looking for ways to renew my skin for the coming spring. This elegantly formulated box of solutions was perfect. Ingredients (click to enlarge):

L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment06 copy

All in all, a gorgeous, good-for-you luxury treat, and highly recommended. This is now up for sale on L’Occitane’s website. If you’d like a chance to win your own, please feel free to enter the drawing below. The winner will be sent their own Immortelle 28-Day Divine Renewal Skin Program directly from L’Occitane. To enter, you must leave a blog comment. You can also get extra points for following @cafemakeup on twitter, and also for tweeting about the giveaway (once per day maximum). Bon chance!
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L'Occitane Divine Oil treatment10 copyThanks for reading, gorgeous! This was sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains an affiliate link (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup)

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