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Loccitane BB Cream 10

One of my favorite French brands, L’Occitane, recently released its Immortelle Precious BB Cream SPF30 in three shades–Fair, Light and Medium ($45) each. These are currently available at L’Occitane.

According to the line, this product is based on the Immortelle flower, which has been shown to have anti-againg properties, to:

– even out skin tone: helps to conceal uneven skin tone and to blemish and brighten dull skin.
– smooth the skin: signs of stress and fatigue appear softened.
– protect the skin: helps to protect skin against damaging effects of photo-aging, thanks to its UV filters.

The formula is enriched with organic immortelle essential oil, rich in active molecules offering unique anti-aging results.

Loccitane Tinted Sunscreen 1

As you can tell from the labeling, the Pale shade (#01) is pink and light, similar to an NW 10-15. The Light shade (#02) is a nice match for a MAC NC15-20, Chanel Clair/Ivoire.  The Medium shades (#03) appears to me to be around the N30 range.

Loccitaine BB Cream 8The texture of this is smooth and light. Unlike some BB Creams, this has no noticeable sunscreen scent (hooray!!). Instead, there is a slight scent of a pleasant, light floral mint for just a few seconds on application, which fades almost immediately. L’Occitane Imortelle Precious BB Creme has a moisturizing feel, but a satin texture. I did not notice any “glowy forehead” look on my combination skin throughout the day. Although I am not currently in any challenging humidity, I did experience all-day wear without oxidation. The formula seems very stable throughout the day.

Loccitane BB Cream 6The formula seems to smooth pores and lines, while still feeling lightweight and without an obvious silicone feeling.  The coverage is light to medium, and layerable without caking. In other words, this BB Creme is easy like Sunday morning. It’s the perfect product to give yourself a quick 60-second face because it’s so forgiving. Honestly, today I smoothed a bit over my skin, added a liner and mascara, a quick sweep of NARS Lovejoy and I was out the door. My skin looks fresh and even, and like I tried way harder than I actually did.

Loccitane BB Cream 11This squeeze-tube has 1.3 ounces, slightly more than most foundations and BB cremes (which tend to have 1 ounce as their standard size).  Here are some comparisons (my match is the center shade Light).

Loccitane BB Cream 3If you are looking for a quick, easy, sunscreen included quick foundation, the L’Occitane is well worth your time. Here are some ingredients (click to enlarge):

Loccitane-tinted-sunscreen-2And more ingredients:

Loccitane Tinted Sunscreen 3

Loccitane BB Cream 2

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  1. I am not sure that this product would be for me. If it costs 45$ I don’t even want to imagine how many € it will cost!

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