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Chanel Les Beiges 5I was pleasantly surprised to see such a lovely collection at my local counter–the Chanel Les Beiges collection. Although I’ve refreshed my Chanel staples over the past few months, I have not been drawn to any of their recent collections. Happily, their Chanel Les Beiges is based on everything that the line does superbly–it is minimal with excellent textures that make one look and feel beautiful. Bravo!! This collection is currently at Chanel online, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges UK, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Chanel Les Beiges 4a

One of the most comfortable and luxurious face products that I’ve tried in a very long time is Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid (SPF 15)($45). This makes my skin look fabulous. The texture is “my skin with sophisticated sheen.” It looks healthy without going too glowy or hyper-real. The coverage is sheer to medium (if you layer).  I bought this in the lightest shade, N10, which skews neutral/cool. I will also be picking up the same product in N20 as the summer moves forward and I want a more glowy-bronzy look for that tromp l’oeil bonne mine soft tan look.

Chanel Les Beiges Fluid 2

If you don’t love the sheerness, you can always add a touch of concealer before you add this. I’ve worn Les Beiges over MAC Pro Longwear concealer, as well as Laura Mercier’s. Les Beiges glides on like a dream over each, so it definitely plays well with others. Please note that most counters will have the CC Cream (previously reviewed here) in an extended range of colors on their counters–it looks similar, but is not the same product. The CC Creme is a black-and-white package, and the Les Beiges is in the beige-and-black tube. The CC Cream has more coverage, and feels less moisturizing. Some comparisons:

Chanel Les Beiges Fluid

I understand that all of the products in this collection are permanent, except for the two Chanel Marinier powders (also called the “Chanel Healthy Glow Multi-Color Powders“)($65 each) which are limited edition.

Chanel Les Beiges 9

The Chanel Marinier Powder #01 is a beautiful finishing powder that leans pink/cool when applied. The powder has a pearl sheen, but it is not very obvious. It gives a beautiful sheeny-glow. Several years ago, Chanel had some permanent powders called “Doueur,” and the the lighter powder reminds me of the Rosee shade in that line. It’s beautifully milled. For those with fair cool skintones, this is a must. I love this on my fair, light skin because it makes it look naturally ethereal. For those with warmer and deeper tones, you might wish to try before you buy.

Chanel 1

The Chanel Marinier Powder #2 is a bronze finishing powder, similar to the solid Les Beiges powders but with a touch more complexity and sheen. It melts into the skin, improving texture and leaving a natural glow. I recommend this for those in the NC15-35 range. This runs warm.

Chanel Les Beiges bronzerThe Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Color Sticks ($45 each) come in three shades. I chose #20 (the bronze), and #21 (the light, warm pink). I’m told that these are permanent, and they are absolutely must haves. They both have a warm shimmery look, and look very natural and glowy when applied. There is also a #22 (coral), which is beautiful but not a color that I need right now (your mileage may vary, because I know there are some coral blush collectors out there!).

chanel les beiges 16

Plus, something makes my heart sing when I see this packaging.

chanel les beiges 11I’m not sure that words or pictures can express the beauty of these blush sticks, particularly for the warmer-skin tones. There is a touch of shot-through gold in these that’s amazing. I sort of want to make a poster of the picture, below, and hang it in my makeup room. The texture of these is wonderful.

chanel les beiges 16a

Les boxes:
Chanel les beiges 8

Some swatches of the powders and the blush sticks:

Chanel les beiges swatches

All in all, Chanel Les Beiges for this summer relies on the best of Chanel’s beauty strength: it’s knowledge and implementation of beautiful texture and formulas. Instead of relying on strong color, these products are intended to give an improved, healthy summer skin. The timing, the formula, the color, are all perfection. Thankfully, Chanel has restrained itself by making nearly all of these products permanent. Still, I wouldn’t wait. You’ll want to start  using these immediately. One last blush stick picture:

This collection is currently at Chanel online, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Selfridges UK, and Bergdorf Goodman.

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  11 Responses to “Chanel Les Beiges Collection Healthy Glow Fluid, Blush Sticks and Healthy Glow Powders Reviewed”

  1. I’ve seen this being advertised by a VS model, and I was curious to see how good this line was.
    Sounds like you reviewed it great!

    Thank you xo
    The Gift of Gab | http://gabofgift.wordpress.com

  2. Rats. I think I need this entire collection.

  3. So tempted to get the Powder #1!

  4. I just love the marinier powder. I have been using the regular les beiges powder in no. 10 and no. 20 in the summer and love what it does to my skin. Coupled with Chanel’s CC cream, it’s heaven. I’ll have to be seeing my lovely Chanel rep again in Oak Brook!

  5. Hi Amy, thanks, I’ve been waiting for this review! I recently picked up Mariniere #1 (I’m around N15ish) and love it. I’ve never been able to wear powders before this as they usually look splotchy and highlight my myriad aging skin imperfections no matter how lightly applied. This powder is lovely. #1 is slightly peachier than my natural color and does impart a soft enhancing glow. Now I’m curious about Mariniere #2 – wondering if it could be a first-ever successful bronzer for me (or could that be the regular Les Beiges in #2 or #3, hmm). I’m also curious to try the sticks – would you say they are cream, or cream to powder? (The latter is usually a bust on my skin.)

    • I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the powder!! If I were you, I’d try a few Chanel and Guerlain bronzers. Can you spend some time with a trusted sales associate to guide you? Otherwise, leave some more information about your skin color and foundation shades and I can do my best.

      The sticks are cream, but they are lightweight (and not heavy).

      • Amy, thanks. Foundation color: Probably my best foundation match has been Zelens Age Control in Cream (tried this brand after your review!), worn a bit sheared out over very moisturized skin-it’s not pink and not yellow and lasts all day. Guerlain Lingerie de Peau in 02 is not a bad match but it seems to break down pretty quickly. I’ve tried all the lightest Guerlain bronzers – they’ve turned orange, including this year’s pale blonde version with the pink strip (can’t recall the name). Additionally all the Guerlain powders sat on top of my skin and accentuated old acne scars/old sun damage. I couldn’t believe how beautifully the Chanel #1 Mariniere melded with the skin. And it just seems to get better as they day goes on. I actually don’t have a trusted counter rep (I’m in NY City, and I’ve only seemed to run into hard-sell very young Chanel associates who want to trowel stuff on), but haven’t tried them all. Perhaps I will stop by a counter on the way to work tonight.

        • Try the Chanel Marniere, but it might run too warm/orange on you. Let’s see.

          I’d take a look at Guerlain Nude 00--as it seems you need more than that tiny strip of pink.

          Another one for you to look at is MAC Golden Rinse–it’s limited edition (of course!!) but it runs very pink. The texture is baked, so it needs a stiff brush but it’s also finely milled but needs to be buffed in with a brush. Much more buffing than you would be doing with Guerlain or Chanel. Also maybe Bobbi Brown bronzer in Natural.

          I’d look at the Giorgio Armani liquid bronzers–the lightest one. These are really controllable and easy. Plus they are having a 20% off sale online on 6/16.

          If you run into Burberry Golden Radiance anywhere, it runs very cool. But I think in addition to being limited edition from last year, it’s going to run very dark on you.

          Anyway, those are the specific ones that I’d focus on. Just tell the SA’s those are all you need to see–I actually collect swatches up my arm when I swatch counter to counter. It helps to compare them on your skin tone side by side!

          • Amy, thanks again, I will swatch ruthlessly!

          • I’m very late to this conversation, so Nancy may not check it again. But if you do, Nancy, you might try the new Hourglass bronzer–the lighter one. It’s the first bronzer I’ve ever loved because the formulation is glowy and incredible (perfect for my aging skin). My complexion is darker than yours–about NC20–so you’d have to use the bronzer with an EXTREMELY light hand because it really is too dark for you; but the formulation is incredible. If you can try it somewhere, and dust it on soooo lightly, you might love what it does for your skin. Good luck!

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