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MAC Le Disko eyeshadow 01I picked up a few Dazzleshadow eyeshadows from the MAC Le Disko collection. At $20 each, I thought it worth spending a few minutes discussing these somewhat unique shadows. Although NARS has brought us a few shades with a similar multi-dimensional qualities, there are few other products out there like these. MAC Le Disko is currently available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and other MAC sources.

MAC’s Le Disko eyeshadows have an insane amount of duochrome, sparkle, and a widely different look depending on the technique, base, and brush used. Really, the duo chrome effect is strong with these, my friends.  As you move your eyes in the light, these will give you a stunning variation. These are challenging eyeshadows to work with, but really crazy beautiful. If you’ve got some experience, patience and decent tools, I’d prepare to pick up at least two or three. Here are the shades that I got.

First, She Sparkles is a cool beige silver with multicolor sparkles.

MAC She Sparkles 01

Last Dance is a peach beige with silver sparkle:

MAC Le Disko09

Slow Fast Slow is hard-to-describe warm red:

MAC Le Disko10

Boom Boom Room is similar to MAC Club, with a green/purple/silver/brown color, with a bit of red thrown in. Despite its resemblance to Club, it’s very unique:

MAC Le Disko12

Try Me On is hard to describe. Sometimes it looks blue, sometimes green, and sometimes silver. And sometimes goldish.  It goes cool silver/green if applied lightly:


Get Physical is a cool purple with some red thrown in:

MAC Le Disko14

Here are some heavy swatches without primer:

MAC Le Disko Swatches 01

Here are some random swatches applied lightly. I prefer to wear these colors as a light wash over the lid or powder shadow, to add just a touch of sparkle. The other application methods that give vibrant color look too heavy to me (although they may be lovely on you).

MAC Le Disko20

MAC Le Disko21

Try Me On gets very silvery when sheered out. I thought the color was too strong in the pan, but applied sheerly it’s sort of like fairy dust.


This image isn’t crisp, but it shows the overall sparkle effect:
MAC-Le-Disko24The bottom row changes quite a bit as you move the shadows in the light–they lose sparkle and the color goes deep. Compare Get Physical with the picture above, and below..


Too Faced Glitter Glue (as a base) with these can give you almost-true-to-pan color.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Here are several pictures of all shades swatched over Too Faced Glitter Glue, turning my arm in different light so that you can see the duo-chrome and glitter effect. The depth and dimension is almost too much for my camera to handle.


These are totally different Glitter Glue as their base.


When applying these, you’ll get fallout. Pat these on with a brush to minimize that, and apply this first so that you can clean up before applying foundation. Of course, Too Faced Glitter Glue holds onto these like iron and makes their color very vibrant.

MAC-Le-Disko-6So, the application technique that you use matters very much to the final effect. Also, MAC introduced a new brush, the MAC 247 brush, with this collection. The bristles are very, very stiff and they feel acrylic.

Mac Le Disko Swatches02


It’s a paddle shape, with typical MAC quality. It washes and dries well. In the week that I’ve had it, it’s performed well. Turned one way:

Mac Le Disko Swatches03 Turned the other, it’s a bit of a chisel with graduated bristles toward the end:

Mac Le Disko Swatches05


It seems to work well to pat these on. I’ve ordered the Artis Oval 3 to try with these as well, because I want to see what these do when they are really buffed out like crazy.

Mac Le Disko Swatches01aBottom line, I think those with some makeup experience who want an unusual gorgeous eyeshadow will want many of these. For the rest of us, I would take a look at these and probably choose one to three shades to lightly layer on the lid when you want something unusual. In that case, I’d look at Last Dace, She Sparkles, and possibly Try Me On.  The most unusual shade here is Boom Boom Room, it’s wild and crazy. The two that I didn’t buy that are also in the “most unusual” category are the gold-orange-green I Like to Watch and violet Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. I hope this helps!

These are currently available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and other MAC sources.

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  4 Responses to “My Thoughts: MAC Le Disko Eyeshadows”

  1. I am so curious on that Boom Boom one. I find it unique with a twist. I will surely check on that one!

  2. Hi Amy! This eyeshadows look great. Can you please compare Last Dance with Chanel Ombres Perless (pink-peach one) from the 5 color pallete? Thanks! I am looking for the same eyehadow color like Chanel’s.

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t have the Ombres Perless with me right now. The MAC are not as ‘pearly’ and soft/transparent. The texture of the MAC is more glittery, and when buffed into the lid the color adheres to the skin. It doesn’t have the pearl-light-giving glow of the Ombres. Those were truly unique shadows in my opinion.

  3. I love your new layout!!! Thank you for taking the time to explain the multi-faceted shadows and the application techniques. The information really helps and while I thought I didn’t care about these, after reading your review, I sure feel like they will be worth the wear. I can’t bear to be without such beautiful colors!

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