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Tarte Taupe brow gel 2Ever since I used up an entire Tarte Park Avenue Princess to pan, I’ve been wanting to love another Tarte product. Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel ($21) came so very close. Before buying, I tried it in the color Taupe under spotty Sephora lighting. For brow products, I’ve found remarkably few companies that understand that “Taupe” does not contain red tones. Of the ones that I’ve tried, they are Tom Ford, Shu Uemura (Seal Brown) and Nars. Despite its many strengths, Tarte’s taupe does not fit into that category.

Tarte Taupe brow gel 4

Brow gels are the ultimate in convenience. Tarte’s mascara-like tube is large enough not to get lost in my bag, works easily for travel because it does not require a separate brush, and can be compactly stored. Tarte’s Colored Clay has a tiny tiny brush (it’s teeny!).

Tarte Taupe brow gel 6


This helped me really get all of the brows covered in color. It can take a little longer than using a larger brush, but the neat, natural results were worth the trouble.

Tarte Taupe brow gel 3

The formula is a bit dry, and I experienced absolutely no clumping. I got great all-day wear, even through cardio sessions.

Tarte Taupe brow gel


I think if they re-named this one Chestnut, and came out with a true gray-brown taupe, we’d be in business. Tarte’s Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel is available at Sephora and on Tarte’s website.

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