Jul 062015

Becca Champagne Pop 12Last week, Becca released a new highlighter through Sephora— the Becca Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powder ($38) packaged in the same sturdy, luxurious packaging that houses its other soft, glowing highlighters.  This was a collaboration with makeup artist Jaclyn Hill.

Becca Champage Pop 8a

This highlighter is a beautiful gold shimmering color tone. If you look very closely at the pan, there are slight multicolors mixed within it. The effect is truly lovely, the powder is milled consistent with the other Becca highlighters (in other words, beautiful).

Becca Champagne Pop 5

It’s an easy-to-use highlighter that’s going to work on warm light to very dark skintones.

Becca champagne Pop 11I’m traveling for the next few months, but I do have the Balm’s Mary Lou-manizer with me for color comparison. So I’m basically working out of a backpack without my typical lighting set up.  Overall, Beeca’s Champagne Pop applies with gold, has slightly more dimension, and has a slightly more finely-milled appearance when worn on the face.

Becca Champagne Pop 2

Overall, I’m very glad that I picked up Becca Champagne Pop. This warm golden highlighter is beautiful, finely milled, and adds a beautiful glow to warm-toned skin. Please note that this collaboration is limited edition, so do pick it up very soon. Becca Champagne Pop is now available at Sephora.

Becca Champagne Pop 9a

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  1. I tend to like Becca for highlighters more than any other brand. Not sure how it would look on my cool toned skin!

  2. It looks beautiful! Hope i can get my hands on it

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