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buly 27After reading this recent review of Buly 1803 in The New York Times, I decided to stop by their shop at 6 rue Bonaparte, Paris, on my way to the Musee D’Orsay. It’s very easy to find, the tiny shop is just around the corner from Dries Von Noten’s shop. The shop is small, friendly, and offers a wonderfully unique and extremely worthwhile experience.

buly 3

The line, which was founded in 1803 and recently revived, carries an incredibly beautiful line of health and beauty products. Based on centuries of formulae, Buly has updated its products with natural ingredients that are crafted with both luxury and effectiveness in mind.

Buly 6

According to the line:

Dreamt up in Paris and formulated in a French laboratory, nurtured by the progress of contemporary cosmetics but faithful to the old recipes, they contain neither Parabens, nor phenoxyethanol, nor silicon.

To let the fragrances reveal their full breadth and purity, L’Officine universelle Buly favors formulations which avoid any ingredient that could interfere with scents, including glycerin and alcohol. As a universal trading post for beauty secrets amassed over the centuries, L’Officine shares the raw materials that make them potent and beneficial. It offers oils, clays, waters, powders, incenses, accessories and more, from around the world and across history.

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Much of the line can been seen on their website.  Buly’s hero products are its perfumes, which contain no alcohol (their website suggests that these are water-based). These soft scents are surprisingly tenacious, I’m very tempted to go back to get a beautiful Damask Rose (which was very fresh and lovely).

buly 2Buly 1803’s shop is absolutely charming, with a wide range of personal care items, including potpourri, Japanese boxwood combs of all shapes, candles, brushes, lovely shaving gear, and other luxury gift-ables.

Buly 1The available candle scents can be paired with scented matches (the wood is infused with the same scent as used in the candles).

buly 11If you want to take advantage of the matches’ scent, let them burn for a bit. The wood is infused with the scent, which is released when it hits the flame.

buly 25

Buly carries numerous skin care products as well. Each formula seemed more lovely than the last. I picked up a beautifully scented Huile Antique (38 euros) dry oil to use as a skin moisturizer. According to Buly, “Fragile and sensitive skins are thoroughly softened and solaced by this scented dry oil, inspired by the simultaneously cosmetic and medicinal uses of plant oils and macerates in ancient Greece.” I thought it smelled very lovely and unique, and really enjoyed its beautiful moisture and the glow that it gave my skin.

buly 26aEach purchase is hand-boxed, with a custom-calligraphy label drafted and applied before your eyes. Really, it’s a stunningly gorgeous experience.

buly 9

Here is the label that you see being made in the image, above. It’s very personalized and lovely.
buly 12The detail on the label and bottle are just lovely.

buly 17

Buly 16

buly 14


buly 22

buly 18

buly 20a

buly 13

The box included a little pump, for those who prefer to use a sprayer for application.

buly 23Overall, my visit to Buly 1803 was a lovely experience.  If you are in Paris anytime soon, I highly recommend it.


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  4 Responses to “Paris: A Trip to Buly 1803”

  1. I’m visiting Paris in August, so I’ll definitely add this shop to my list! It looks like such a treat!!!

  2. My daughter and I visited the Buly shop last year – it’s so beautiful! There were no tourists and it really seemed geared to the Parisian insider, which we loved. Those matches are not for lighting the candles though…we asked about them because they seemed like great gift souvenirs. They are “bathroom matches” – to light after you go to the bathroom and it…smells! The salesperson didn’t speak English and the whole conversation was hilariously awkward! Needless to say we bought lots of them!

    • Haha, funny. Well, we weren’t told that. But that sounds like a very funny moment. I’m glad that you enjoyed your visit! 🙂 I was very curious about all of the little oil vials–they are for sale on their website. I didn’t have time to explore all of the wonders of that tiny shop.

      • We thought that the matches were to coordinate with the candles as well and the packaging was stunning so we were piling them up and this lovely young lady came over and seemed pretty insistent that we understand what they were for! It was funny then and even funnier now when we reminisce! We were a little intimidated by all of the products and the oils seemed to be for very specific “conditions.” The French shoppers there seemed quite serious…Your photos really do justice to the incredible packaging – very special!

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