Jul 272015

Sephora No 50 blush brush - 1This is a quick review of the Sephora Pro Flawless Light Powder Brush #50 ($38). Sometimes while testing products as Sephora, I’ve asked the makeup artists to borrow a brush. Each time that I’ve borrowed this Sephora #50, I’ve admired its easy of use and excellent results. For example, I’ve used it with Laura Mercier’s Ritual Baked Bronzer ($36), and loved, loved, loved the results.

Sephora No 50 blush brush - 5

Designed for the light application of powder products, I’ve also found this brush useful for highly pigmented blushes and bronzers. For the $38 price tag, I’m really impressed. The Sephora #50 is replacing my Bobbi Brown Blush Brush ($54), which is sold at a higher price point and is now suffering from a loose ferrule.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush 1

The Sephora #50 bristles are medium firm, and disperse at the ends to allow for a softer, flattering application of powders.

Sephora No 50 blush brush - 4

Although some might use this for an all-over face powder, I think the size and shape work better for blushes and highly pigmented bronzers.

Sephora No 50 blush brush - 8The Sephora #50 uses a wood handle, so please dry this with the bristles down when you’ve cleaned it. Wood doesn’t love water.

Sephora No 50 blush brush - 6

At $38, the Sephora #50 brush is a well-designed brush at a decent price. It’s one of those purchases that I put off and off, thinking that it was not special enough. Well, it’s true that it is not limited edition or flashy, but I find that workhorses like this are worth their price because they really make application easier, better, and more fun.

Sephora No 50 blush brush - 2

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  6 Responses to “Review: Sephora Pro Flawless Light Powder Brush”

  1. I like most of Sephora’s makeup brushes: a good compromise between quality and affordable prices.

  2. I agree, looks great for blush!

  3. Sounds good! I really have to try it ♥

  4. I agree! After reading your comments I went to see which brush I use for MY “go to” powder, polish, bronzer….and, sure enough, it’s the same one. Just the right size and finish so many times.

  5. This is something worth checking out. I agree that it is great for blush. I will do check on this…..

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