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Paris beauty crawl 2

My prior Beauty Crawl, which is modeled after a pub crawl, focused on the areas surrounding the two major department stores near L’Opera Garnier and down toward Le Louvre. Today, I’ll discuss another option that centers on Le Bon Marche located in Paris’ 7th Androssiment. I did an earlier version of this walk a few years ago. This is an update with many more photographs.

les deux magotsYou’ll notice that my map starts with two cafes in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area. Both are lovely and offer a wonderful start to your shopping day. Les Deux Magots was once a rendezvous points for writers and artists, including Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus, Pablo Picasso, and James Joyce.

The other is the Cafe de Flore, right next door. I have slight preference for this one because I like the inside decor a bit better. But either are lovely.

Cafe de Flore 2Although both are now tourist destinations rather than the center of intellectual life in this area of Paris, both are pleasant, beautiful and historic places to have some espresso before you stroll down the Boulevard Saint-Germain to our first stop, the Parisian Shu Uemura boutique:

Shu Uemura 1Since Shu Uemura left the U.S., it’s been difficult to track their releases at local counters. For that reason, I took numerous pictures for us to enjoy together. Eyeshadows:

Shu Uemura 2

Shu’s most recent limited edition release:

Shu Uemura 3

Blushes and highlighters:

Shu Uemura 4

Base products (including all foundations).

Shu Uemura 5

A bit of the Choupette collection still remains, now on discount:

Shu Uemura 7

Hair and skin care:

Shu Uemura 8

Shu Uemura 9

Shu Uemura 10You’ll notice designer boutiques and other stores along the Boulevard Saint-Germain, for example is charming Keihl’s boutique. I don’t believe there are any Euro-exclusives to explore here, but if you are running low on any skincare it’s nice to have so many of these Keihl’s shops nearby.

KeihlsAs you proceed down the Boulevard Saint-Germain, the street will intersect with the Rue des Saints Peres with a large Sonia Rykiel on the corner. You’ll want to turn left here, and proceed down the Rue des Saints Peres.

Rue des Saints PeresCurrently, Sonia Rykiel appears to have replaced her decor with a library theme. It’s lovely, along with numerous other designer boutiques which line this street.

Sonia Rykiehl

The Rue des Saints Peres includes a Paul & Joe boutique. I checked, and the boutique does carry beauty items. However, they refused to let me take a photograph of their beauty display so there aren’t any pictures to post.

MAC Pro paris

A little further down the Rue des Saints Peres is MAC Pro. Keep in mind that MAC prices are higher in Europe than they are in the U.S. However, you may find that the impossible-to-find limited edition items in the U.S. are still in stock on the shelves at the Parisian MAC stores. The demand for those specially-packaged items does not seem as urgent in Paris as it does in the U.S.

Hermes 7th

At the end of the Rue de Saints Peres, you can turn right on the Rue de Sevres and notice a Hermes Boutique across the street. Although this one is not the main Hermes boutique in Paris, it is lovely, airy and very well-stocked inside. Occasionally I am able to find items here because (I suspect) the volume is not quite as high as the shop at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

hermes 5

As you proceed down the Rue de Sevres, it merges onto the Rue de Babylone. Within a two blocks, you will find a Clarins shop and spa.

Clarins SpaIn addition to selling makeup and skincare, this Clarins locations offers spa services.

Clarins 2I took a photo of their entire menu, doing my best. Hopefully you can click on the image below to get a sense of their services.

clarins 5At this point, you are within a half-block of Le Bon Marche, a lovely department store. Although the store has an amazing adjacent food hall, I elected to forgo blogging on that aspect of Le Bon Marche. This post is photo-heavy enough, I think.

Le Bon Marche 1There is some construction and improvements at this location, which did not interfere with an amazing shopping experience. Of course, like other Parisian department stores there are luxury boutiques inside, including Gucci, Chanel and Dior.

Le Bon Marche 2

le bon march 4

There are two beauty areas in Le Bon Marche. The more traditional area covers the ground floor, including numerous lines including Tom Ford, Nars, Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, and numerous perfume lines.

Le bon marche 7

bon marche 9

bon marche 8

I suspect that the Dior, Le Mer, and Guerlain areas are particularly nice, perhaps because these lines and Le Bon Marche share a common parent (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy).

bon marche 13

bon marche 15

dior bon marche

The NARS area of Le Bon Marche is absolutely spectacular.bon marche nars

Over the Guerlain display, you can see promotion for their “unnamed” perfume that I blogged about here.le bon marche guerlain

The ground floor:

bon marche beauty floor 1

On the next floor up (in French, the first floor), there is a second beauty area that has been recently installed containing numerous hair and skin care lines, a few more makeup items, and accessories galore.

Le bon marche 13

bon marche beauty 1

Bon Marche 1

I noticed that many of these lines are all-natural, organic and perfume-free.
bon marche 5

For some reason, temporary tattoos were everywhere including this luxury, all-sparkling version.

bon marche 3These were small, cute temporary tattoos. I liked the Space Invaders version.

bon marche 6

bon marche 5

Of course, you don’t have to stop with beauty shopping. Le Bon Marche has lovely clothing and shoes.

le bon march 9

Le bon marche 10

It’s so intriguing to me that some French department stores retain toy departments next to children’s clothes.

Le Bon marche 11

Cute castle:

le bon marche 12As you leave Le Bon Marche, please give some thought to explore their food hall. It’s amazing. Either way, you’ll notice a Guerlain Boutique to your right as you depart the Bon Marche buildings. Although not as elaborate as Guerlain’s Champs Elysees boutique, it’s a very pleasant space that has the full makeup line.

Guerlain 7thFrom here, if you aren’t too exhausted, you can head to the City-Pharma, which is covered extensively in this prior post.  As with my prior Paris posts, do take care while you walk around Paris. As with any large city, there are all sorts of people, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re visit is a pleasant one.

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