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MAC Electric Cool intro2MAC is a leader in trends, very innovative and always trying out new formulas in limited edition collections. I had a chance to try some of the recent MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows ($22). These are currently available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Dillards, and other MAC sources.

 MAC Electric Cool intro3Beauty lovers saw this formula a few years ago, and it’s back in a collection of 16 shades. I tried several nudes and neutrals–MAC Photosphere (a light sheer champagne gold), In Orbit (a light warm tan), Superwatt (a shimmery taupe), Coil (a metallic copper), and Gravitational (a metallic copper). I suspect that this is going to be a “your mileage may vary” product.

MAC Electric Cool packaging1

There’s a lot to be said for including these shadows in a summer release. This time of year, it’s nice to dip your finger in a pot of spongy, shimmery goodness and do an easy eye with one or two shades. But there were aspects of this release that I didn’t love. Although I loved the way that these swatches and applied on the lid, I found that the formula was too fragile for my taste (particularly given the $22 price).  A few of mine arrived damaged and one arrived dried out, despite the highly protective packaging that MAC provides.

MAC Electric Cool Swatches Phosphere1

Some of the testers that I’ve seen at three seperate counters seemed dry to me. When mine arrived from MAC online, I became discouraged. Bottom line: If you absolutely love any of these, I’d limit my investment to a small number.  Given the $22 price point, I’m not sure that I’d buy very many because there are other gorgeous creams and metallics from other lines to choose from at similar or lower price points, with more consistent formulae.

MAC Electric Cool Swatches Phosphere31

Phosphere (above) was one of my favorite shades from this group. It left a pretty, iridescent veil of gold champagne color on the lid that was brightening, sheer, and extremely pretty. I can this being used as a subtle all-over sheer shade, or as an inner-corner brightener.

MAC Electric Cool Swatches In orbit1c

In Orbit (above) is a beautiful metallic shimmery light tan. As you can see, mine arrived disturbed in the pan. You can actually see some of the pan peeking through on the right side. It sort of went everywhere when I opened it the first time. This one didn’t swatch very evenly, but the color shade is very pretty. Could I have pushed the formula back together? Of course I could. It can absolutely be repaired.

MAC Electric Cool Swatches Superwatt1a

Superwatt (above) is a beautiful shimmery taupe. As you can see, the formula is starting to shrink and crack a bit.

Mac Coil 2Coil (above) is a strong metallic copper. This very vibrant color is striking, and not for the faint of heart.

MAC Electric Cool Swatches Gravitational1Gravitational (above) is a shimmery soft brown. As you can see, the formula has pulled away from the pot quite a bit. I could literally lift this little puck up with my nail from the pan, like a half-baked cookie. I’m less convinced that I can repair this (how?) Given it’s drier state, my swatches are two layers of formula to show its true color. The other four (from the left) are one layer each. Superwatt and Coil had excellent, high-pigmentation. Phosphere is, I believe, designed to be more sheer and ethereal–it’s a beautiful sheer wash.  In Orbit is pretty, my swatch is a bit patchy but I wouldn’t wear this full-on anyway. It’s a very pretty shade when worn sheerly.

MAC Electric Cool intro swatches1

MAC Electric Cool Swatches1a

MAC Electric Cool intro 1 swatches1a

As you can see, most these shades give absolutely beautiful color. I can see many readers loving Superwatt or Phosphere, and possibly Gravitational. However, I want to be clear that my eyeshadows were not in prime condition on arrival. So I remain on the fence with these, given the $22 price point I was hoping for a better experience. Innovators face some tough choices–some are brilliant, some a bit less. I love that MAC is out there investing and experimenting–and I hope they never ever stop. These are currently available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Dillards, and other MAC sources.

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  1. These shades are so pretty and I love the retro screw top packaging!

    Lauren x |

  2. MAC has certainly fallen down on the job with the eye shadows you received. I have Superwatt from last year, and while the pan likes to come off with the lid on occasion the product is still very hydrated and soft. I agree that I wouldn’t stock up on these due to the issues you have seen. I don’t see any other colors that are really calling to me, and will stick with the one I already have.

  3. Perfect shades for fall xx

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