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Chanel Fall 2015a

Chanel Ecource Sanguine (#671), Chataigne (#669), and Vert Obscur (#679) are three new Chanel Le Vernis nail polish colors for Fall 2015. Although I’ve had a complicated relationship with Chanel this year, my eagle eye immediately saw the potential of these. These are marked as limited edition and now available at Nordstrom,Chanel online, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

Chanel Fall 2015b

These unusual shades a rich and vampy, and unusual in the best possible ways. Rather than releasing traditional fall shades, Chanel used colors that evoke their own fashion history. To me, these shades derive from Karl Lagerfeld’s color aesthetic. There’s something serious, and yet gorgeous and playful, in each of the three shades.

Chanel Fall 2015 nail polish

The three shades are Chanel Ecorce Sanguine (a deep warm red with glass sparkle), Chataigne (a highly pigmented rich brown) and Vert Obscur (a rich blackened green).

Chanel Fall 2015h

Ecorce Sanguine is a beautiful rich golden red, with a touch of burnt orange, with a lovely glassy depth. Like a warm fire, this rich shade applies beautifully in one coat (I love a one-coat wonder, don’t you?). This is two coats with no base and no topcoat.

Chanel Fall 2015e

Like the other shades in this collection, the color shifts depending on the light. The glassy sparkle shows only in the most strong, direct sunlight. Still, there is a depth and beauty there that is striking and undeniable.

Chanel Fall 2015g

The rich formula has enough shine on its own to wear without a topcoat. Also, please note that my nails are imperfect, and travel has not been kind to them. This shade filled in these imperfections and gave me a smooth nail in two coats with no base coat. One more:

Chanel Fall 2015f

Chataigne is a rich vamp deep brown-red with a touch of purple that edges very close to black. I don’t recall ever seeing a brown that has this much gray and keeps its depth (some gray-purples end up looking a little ghost-like, without true depth).

Chanel Fall 2015i

These are two coats, no top coat or base coat.

Chanel Fall 2015j

Chataigne retained a respectable shine in the shade without using a top coat.

Chanel Fall 2015l

Vert Obscur is a deep blackened green. I found it amazing.

Chanel Fall 2015s

This shade needs two coats (lest your nails go sheer Nyquil green), but two coats is enough. These images were taken without a base coat and without a top coat.

Chanel Fall 2015t

Vert Obscur is a chameleon in the shade. The high-shine finish brought out cool green tones.

Chanel Fall 2015n

Chanel Fall 2015o

These limited edition shades are must-haves for luxury nail lovers. I found the formula excellent, the colors trend-setting and the look as gorgeous as I would expect Chanel nail colors to be. Instant and lasting love. These are designated as limited edition and now available at Nordstrom,Chanel online, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

Chanel Fall 2015d

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  9 Responses to “Chanel Nail Polish Review: Ecource Sanguine, Chataigne, Vert Obscur”

  1. I’m glad to read your description of Châtaigne. It translates as brown on my devices. I immediately wanted Vert obscur, but will now need this, too. Hopefully the collection will arrive in Canada soon.

    • Oh good–yes, this is not brown! Beautiful red with burnt orange —like a Canadian maple leaf turning!! Thanks for looking, beautiful! 🙂

      • Melanie was talking about Châtaigne, the 2nd color you showed, not the red/burnt orange. And I agree with her – on my monitor, I see no gray – it looks dark brown to me!

  2. That red is nuts. I swatched a nail at Bloomingdales and couldn’t believe how pretty it is.

  3. Of all three Ecourse Sanguine is my favorite. Even one coat is enough to cover. Such an exquisite shade with depth and fire. It looks great on you too 🙂

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