Aug 122015

Having been through many limited edition battles in the past, I want to underscore that I have never seen anything like Monday’s Sephora Epic Rewards event. I’m sure many of you saw the press, and others of you actually experienced trying to add “available” rewards that wouldn’t go into your cart, rewards taken out of your cart before hitting the “order’ button, or never seeing the rewards go online at all because the window was so micro-short.

From the Sephora Beauty Talk Forum:Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.09.16 AM

From a public relations perspective, I believe that direct contact with affected consumers is the right move rather than the current social media onslaught. Twitter got very un-pretty, y’all. At any rate, you can see the statement that suggests an email to Sephora at the special address. I hope anyone who reads this with a sufficient number of points takes advantage of this communication channel.

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  5 Responses to “Sephora Epic Rewards Response”

  1. Sephora always messes up in some way. People called it days ahead of time.

  2. I was really disappointed when the items were out of stock less than a minute after launching. However, I sent Sephora an email expressing my frustration and actually received the message in the post as a reply. Today, many companies don’t even bother to acknowledge bad service or problems and I’m impressed that they responded quickly and seem interested in rectifying the situation.

  3. I guess I don’t “get” the ordeal and the sense of entitlement for something “free.” They said they’d be limited and yes, they botched the rollout in spectacular fashion, as usual. I am glad they’re fixing it, but I don’t really know what people are expecting them to do.

    I didn’t think any of them were that great, not one was appealing to me at all. But I guess if there was one that I REALLY wanted, and I didn’t get it, I’d be disappointed.

  4. I guess I’m mellow about this because I wasn’t really into the items in my points range and I had some of the items in the kits already. I figured it would be crazy and in any case I had to go to work. 🙂 My boss would have been rather annoyed if I was hovering on the website all day or missed work to shop.

    • That’s awesome–I love how Estee has included edgy and stronger colors. I’ll be Strange Bloom is gorgeous!

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