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belif bergamont herbal extract tonerBelif is a skincare brand sold in the U.S. through Sephora. Based on natural ingredients, the brand bases its formulas on ancient traditions combined with modern knowledge. A few months ago, I began to wonder whether my toner was too harsh. Still, I wanted something strong enough to wisp away any last remaining mascara and makeup after using my oil cleanser and Clarisonic. Here is a bit about the company’s philosophy (click to enlarge):

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After searching around, I tried the Belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner ($28/6.7 oz.). As the name suggests, the formula is based on “bergamot and sage—apothecary herbal ingredients that help to clarify and hydrate skin by locking in moisture—skin appears supple and revitalized over time.”


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Belief’s Bergamont toner is very pleasant to use. I found no stinging or irritation. In addition to my other skincare, I felt that this toner was truly gentle.  My skin didn’t feel stripped after using it. Thankfully, it also helped to eliminate that always-errant bit of mascara that is left under my eyes after my cleansing routine. My face felt clean, balanced and pretty. Strong and gentle? I vote “yes!”

belif bergamont toner 6

The plastic bottle comes with a no-tip top, so that I didn’t need to fear knocking it over and losing my investment through breakage or spillage.

belief bergamont toner 3

This clear liquid travels well, as I was able to decant enough to take to Paris for a few weeks, where I enjoyed its balancing and cleansing effects. Ingredient list (click to enlarge):

Belif Bergamont toner 1

Although I wouldn’t say that this toner entirely changed my life, the universe and everything it, I found that it delivered beautifully on its promises to balance my combination skin without irritation or stripping its moisture. After use, my skin felt normal. Isn’t the best way that a toner can make your skin feel? This is available at Sephora.

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  1. I read about the benefits of polyglutamic acid sometime last week, and I’ve been mad finding products with it in it. Now it’s time to add this toner to the list to consider. Thank you!

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